Bernie Sanders says US ‘complicit’ in Israel’s occupation of the Palestinians

(JTA) — U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders said the United States is “complicit” in Israel’s occupation of the West Bank and Gaza.

“[B]ut that is not to say … that Israel is the only party at fault,” Sanders, an independent senator from Virginia, said in an interview with The Intercept news website published...
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How Houston’s synagogues are handling the High Holidays after Harvey


(JTA) — A few weeks ago, Holly Davies was getting ready to homeschool her kids and preparing the family for the High Holidays. When Hurricane Harvey hit, she helped evacuate 150 people from her neighborhood by airboat and shelter nearly 100 people in a local church.

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Trump says US cannot ‘abide’ Iran nuclear deal, ignores Israeli-Palestinian peace in UN speech

(JTA) — President Donald Trump told the U.N. General Assembly that the United States cannot “abide” the Iran nuclear deal as it stands but notably omitted mention of Israeli-Palestinian peace.

“We cannot abide by an agreement if it provides cover for an eventual nuclear program,” Trump said Tuesday on the...
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Rabbi to lead NYC’s annual Muslim Day Parade

(JTA) — A rabbi will lead this year’s annual Muslim Day Parade in New York City.

Rabbi Marc Schneier, the president and founder of the Foundation for Ethnic Understanding, will serve as honorary grand marshal of Sunday’s parade. Schneier was chosen in recognition of his pioneering work in the field...
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In brief call with Jewish groups, Trump condemns those who spread anti-Semitism

WASHINGTON (JTA) — The debate has gone on for weeks among rabbis and Jewish leaders: If President Donald Trump does not formally renounce white supremacists, is it still worth engaging in a conversation with him?

This was on much of the Jewish community’s mind since Aug. 23, when the leaders...
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Netanyahu to meet with US Jewish leaders

WASHINGTON (JTA) — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will meet this weekend in New York with organizational Jewish leaders.

Unlike in previous years, the meeting will be low-key, with no public events, according to Jewish Insider. Netanyahu’s relationship with the organized American Jewish community has been fraught in recent months...
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American Jews overwhelmingly disapprove of Trump, poll finds


WASHINGTON (JTA) — American Jews overwhelmingly disapprove of President Donald Trump in just about every area, scoring him lower than his predecessor even on topics like Israel, where Jewish approval of Barack Obama was relatively low, according to an American Jewish Committee poll.

The survey also shows...
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Trump gives new hope to Jewish push for FEMA assistance to houses of worship


WASHINGTON (JTA) — A tweet by President Donald Trump on Friday night, with Houston recovering from Hurricane Harvey and his sister Irma set to ravage Florida, is renewing hope among Jewish groups that have long advocated for emergency assistance to houses of worship.

“Churches in Texas should be...
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UC Berkeley gearing up for Ben Shapiro appearance by increasing security, offering counseling

(JTA) — The University of California Berkeley is gearing up for a visit by conservative political commentator Ben Shapiro by tightening campus security and offering counseling services for students.

Shapiro, a former Breitbart News editor, who currently works as a political commentator, author, radio talk show host and lawyer is...
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Property developer and Jewish philanthropist Jerry Gottesman dies

(JTA) — Jerome “Jerry” Gottesman, a property developer and philanthropist who often focused on expanding access to Jewish education, has died.

Gottesman died on Sunday at the age of 87 while on a private visit to Israel with his family. His body was set to be returned to New Jersey...
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