OP-ED: College doesn’t turn Jews away from Judaism


(JTA) — In a recent analysis of U.S. religious groups, the Pew Research Center reported that the most educated American Jews are also the least religious.

In considering these findings, it’s tempting to think that secular education leads to assimilation among American Jews (I want to be clear that Pew,...
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OP-ED: For unity’s sake, let Jews everywhere vote in Israeli elections


(JTA) — As Israel turns 69, world Jewry is in a state of crisis. Israel and American Jewry are drifting apart, and within each of those groups we’re seeing increased polarization on fundamental issues like the two-state solution, Israel’s democratic vs. Jewish nature and the definition...
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OP-ED: Myth: Palestinians Want a Peaceful State Alongside Israel


Discussion of the Arab/Israeli situation is often unilluminating because so much of it is based on groundless assumptions and stubborn fictions. Perhaps the most pervasive one today afflicting the international political class is the notion that Palestinian Arabs primarily desire a state of their...
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OP-ED: The Palestinians don’t want Mandela


(JNS.org) — Palestinian internal politics and liberal hostility to Israel came together at The New York Times this month.

The newspaper provoked a firestorm of criticism through its decision to publish an article on the eve of Passover authored by Marwan Barghouti, the imprisoned mastermind of...
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OP-ED: Iran is trying to provoke a Russia-U.S. hot war in Syria


When you boil Syria down to its principal players, there are only three: Russia, the United States and the Islamic Republic of Iran.  With Assad’s chemical attack, people have been misdirected from the reality by blaming the powerless Assad.  But Assad doesn’t move without direct Iranian...
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The soon-to-be empty seat at our seder table

At Passover we all sit down and hear the story of the Exodus from Egypt recounted in our Haggadahs. It is the central holiday of the Jewish people in which we celebrate freedom and our right to self-determination.

In the coming months we will have another exodus from within our...
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OP-ED: How to get 1 million more terrorists into the Palestinian Authority


When the Oslo Accords were signed, everyone heard Rabin, Peres, and their coterie of messianic left-wing generals say: If anything goes wrong in Judea and Samaria (the West Bank), we’ll go back in and wipe them out. Ariel Sharon did go back into Judea and Samaria and...
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OP-ED: Orthodox parents of LGBT children seek communities that care

By an Anonymous Parent

(JTA) — When my husband and I married, neither of us fully appreciated the role community would play in our family’s life. It proved to be a most crucial component in creating and forging a Jewish household and in passing on our traditions. A life lived...
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OP-ED: Ohio State Hillel anti-BDS, not anti-LGBTQ


(JTA via the Forward) — Last week, Ohio State University Hillel was accused of being anti-LGBT because it was forced to disassociate with a Jewish LGBT campus group, B’nai Keshet, after the group decided to co-sponsor a fundraiser for queer refugees with Jewish Voice for Peace. I...
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OP-ED: Imitation is not always flattery

The time-worn adage we’ve heard as children that “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” was tested this past week. Only this time we were not impressed or amused.

It would seem that another publication, which shall remain nameless, was without coverage of a major community event. Rather than running...
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