• Better Than Chicken Soup: Healing and Charity in the Big Easy

    By ALAN SMASON, Special to the CCJN

    The traditional Jewish mandate of caring for the sick and infirm has evolved since the time of New Orleans’ founding 300 years ago.  Today we live in a vastly different period than those days in which factors of self-preservation and prejudice required, if not demanded, a local Jewish hospital.

    Jewish tradition holds that pikuach nefesh – “the saving of a life” – soars above all other Commandments. The Talmud even permits violation of Biblically mandated laws, such as observance of the Sabbath, if done in the furtherance of saving a life. During the...
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  • Trump nominates Brett Kavanaugh to serve on Supreme Court

    (JTA) — President Donald Trump nominated Brett Kavanaugh to replace Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy upon his retirement at the end of July.

    A federal appeals court judge in Washington, Kavanaugh, 53, is well respected by the Republican establishment, although some on the right have said he is not conservative enough....
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    Shir Chadash prepares for Nearly New Sale

    If it’s around time for Independence Day, it’s also around the time for the annual Shir Chadash Conservative Congregation’s big fundraiser and mitzvah project, the Nearly New Sale at the synagogue.

    Shoppers interested in obtaining high-quality merchandise at bargain prices will be lining up at 3737 West Esplanade Avenue...
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Current News

Israeli retaliatory attack strikes 3 military posts in Syria

JERUSALEM (JTA) — Israeli airstrikes hit three military posts in Syria in response to a Syrian drone that Israel shot down over the Sea of Galilee.

The retaliatory attack Wednesday evening came hours after an American-made Patriot missile based in...
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Kosher agency says it can no longer vouch for Starbucks stores

(JTA) — Kosher observers who pick up their coffee at Starbucks may need to look elsewhere for their caffeine fix.

A kosher-certifying agency said it can no longer vouch for the kashrut of many beverages served by the coffee giant....
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NCJW Way looking for new leaders

The National Council of Jewish Women (NCJW) are seeking the new group of young Jewish leaders for its NCJW Way Program. The purpose of the inspirational program is to inform future leaders of NCJW about community needs and to use...
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Breaking News

Jewish tensions heat up over Western Wall prayer space


 — A pair of Israeli cabinet members and a Knesset member have in recent weeks inflamed tensions between the Jewish state and leaders of American Jewish organizations by expressing opposition or even disdain towards supporters of...
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Opinions & Voices

OP-ED: Weddings are lovely; it’s the marriage that counts


CHICAGO (JTA) — My sister was married on a beautiful summer day many years ago.

Those of us in the wedding party took pictures in a garden before the ceremony. As maid of honor, one of my...
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