• The Iron Lady of New Orleans


    When news reached me of the death of Jackie Pressner Gothard, the very first thing that went through my mind was that it must have been a trick or some sort of fantastic jest to test me. There was no warning. No bulletin rang out in advance preparing me for her sudden disappearance. She was a pillar of the New Orleans community one moment – a woman of indomitable will and gracious Southern charm – and then she was a memory.

    But what a memory she leaves behind.

    Jackie Gothard was the consummate cheerleader, the never-say-die, larger-than-life character...
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  • Avodah New Orleans marks 10 years of social justice, activism

    By NICHOLAS HAMBURGER, Exclusive to the CCJN

    The New Orleans chapter of Avodah celebrated its tenth year of existence on Thursday, May 17, honoring Fran Lake, Josh Lichtman, and Dana Keren for their commitment to social justice and community activism. The event, which was held at Martin Wine Cellar, also...
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    Author Edith Sheffer to speak on Asperger, autism in Nazi Vienna today at WW2 Museum

    By ALAN SMASON, Special to the CCJN

    Author Edith Sheffer has researched the period in Vienna prior to and during the Nazi annexation of Austria. In her book, “Asperger’s Children: The Origins of Autism in Nazi Vienna,” she has concluded that Dr. Johann “Hans” Frederich Karl Asperger, the medical theorist and...
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Current News

Philip Roth, enfant terrible turned peerless chronicler of American Jewish life, is dead at 85


(JTA) — Philip Roth, whose notorious novels about the sex drives of American men gave way to some of the most probing examinations of the American Jewish condition in the 20th and 21st centuries, has died.

He was 85....
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Lawyer who ranted at Spanish speakers says he is not racist

(JTA) — Aaron Schlossberg, the lawyer who berated employees of a New York City eatery for speaking Spanish, posted an apology and wrote that he is “not racist.”

“To the people I insulted, I apologize,” wrote Schlossberg on Twitter, six...
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Israel furious over Palestinian petition to Hague


Israel’s Foreign Ministry issued a strongly worded condemnation Tuesday after Palestinian Authority Foreign Minister Riyad al-Malki appealed to the International Criminal Court (ICC) in the Hague to demand that action be taken against Israel for “ongoing,...
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Breaking News

Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano threatening crucial Israeli-owned power plant

(JTA) — Lava from the Kilauea volcano in Hawaii is threatening a geothermal power plant owned by an Israeli company.

The Puna power plant supplies 25 percent of the island’s electricity, the daily business website Calcalist reported.

Eruptions from the...
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Opinions & Voices

OP-ED: The #MeToo movement goes to summer camp


(JTA) — The #MeToo movement has empowered women to speak up against harassment and abuse. It is heartening to see many men standing as allies and organizations beginning to hold themselves accountable for establishing policies,...
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