• Are our Passover seders contributing to the problems dividing Jews?


    — For those who worry about the future of American Jewry, Passover is always a hopeful moment. It remains the holiday that is observed by the bulk of Jews, including a great many of those who are not in any way observant.

    According to a survey published in 2014 by the Pew Research Center, 70 percent of Americans who identify as Jewish attend a Passover seder. That’s far more than those who fast on Yom Kippur (53 percent), light Sabbath candles, attend religious services or keep kosher. The numbers are even significant for those that Pew...
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  • 6 Jewish takeaways from the Mueller report


    NEW YORK (JTA) — Special counsel Robert Mueller’s report about Russia’s interference in the 2016 presidential election was released to Congress and the public Thursday, adding new details to what had been disclosed about its findings by Attorney General William Barr when Mueller concluded his...
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    Israeli spacecraft crashes in moon landing attempt

    JERUSALEM (JTA) — The Israeli spacecraft Beresheet crashed while attempting to land on the surface of the moon.

    “If at first you don’t succeed, try again,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said from SpaceIL’s control room in Yehud, in central Israel, on Thursday. He vowed that Israel would attempt the moon...
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Current News

Jewish Seagram heiress Clare Bronfman pleads guilty to involvement in ‘sex cult’

NEW YORK (JTA) — Seagram heiress Clare Bronfman pleaded guilty to involvement in a self-help organization that has been accused of being a sex cult.

Bronfman, 40, admitted Friday in a federal court in Brooklyn to harboring an undocumented immigrant for...
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Maccabi Games deadline looms soon

For the first time in some time, the New Orleans Jewish Community Center is fielding a team of more than a dozen players for the Maccabi Games being held in Detroit, August 4 – 9. 

JCC sports director, assistant camp...
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Pete Buttigieg keeps calling Mike Pence a ‘Pharisee.’ Here’s why that angers Jews.

(JTA) — Pete Buttigieg has a word he likes to use to describe Vice President Mike Pence: “Pharisee.”

Jewish scholars would like him to stop doing that.

Buttigieg, the 37-year-old mayor of South Bend, Indiana, running a dark horse campaign...
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Breaking News

Teenage Jewish brother and sister from London among Sri Lanka bombing victims

(JTA) — Two Jewish teenage siblings from London were among the more than 320 people murdered in terrorist attacks in Sri Lanka, the British media reported.

Amelie and Daniel Linsey, 15 and 19, who are dual citizens of the United...
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Opinions & Voices

OP-ED: Notre-Dame will be rebuilt – but most European Jewish sites never will be


BUDAPEST (JTA) – Architecture and built heritage can be powerful symbols.

Notre-Dame de Paris is one of the most famous and familiar buildings in the world, visited by an astonishing 30,000 people a day, or 13 million...
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