5 suspects killed in second Spanish attack

SPAIN — At least five suspected terrorists were killed in a shootout overnight with Spanish police in the coastal town of Cambrils, about 75 miles away from an earlier deadly ramming attack in Barcelona. Police say one woman was killed and five people were injured in the attack prior to the shootout.

Authorities believe the two attacks are connected and also speculate that a Wednesday night explosion that left one dead was also linked to the terrorist cell.

Details of the second attack remain sketchy, but reports suggest the five men attempted to use their vehicle to mow down pedestrians in Cambrils when authorities responded with a hail of gunfire. Four of the men, all wearing what appeared to be suicide vests, died at the scene. One died later at a nearby hospital. The vests turned out to be fake.

If the Wednesday night explosion turns out to be the terrorist cell’s bomb-making facility, the lack of explosives may be the reason for the two attacks, authorities suggest.

The size of the terrorist cell has yet to be determined, but four people have been arrested. Although not confirmed, some reports suggest one of these may have been the person who rented three vehicles used in the attack. If that is true, at least one vehicle and at least one driver still remain at large.





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