Saturday, September 19th 2020   |

Beastie Boys named to Rock Hall

Among the inductees named to this year’s class at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame are the Beastie Boys, who have been mixing rap, funk, soul and rock music for three decades. The ceremonies to be held in Cleveland at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum will take place on April 12.  All three members of the Beastie Boys — Mike D (born Mike Diamond on Nov. 20, 1966), MCA (born Adam Yauch on Aug. 5, 1965) and Ad-Rock (born Adam Horovitz onOct. 31, 1967) — hail from wealthy middle-class Jewish families in New York. Their biggest hits include “Brass Monkey,” “Intergalactic” and “(You Gotta) Fight for Your Right (to) Party” and their 1986 release “License to Ill” has the distinction of being the first rap album to hit number one on the charts. The Beasties continue to issue new releases like this year’s “Hot Sauce Committee, Part Two.”

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