Thursday, September 16th 2021   |

Bulgarian bombing attributed to suicide bomber with fake ID

Bulgarian officials released video surveillance pictures of the man they suspect was the suicide bomber in yesterday’s terrorist attack at Sarvofo Airport in Burgas, Bulgaria. The video pictures show a tourist wearing sunglasses, a cap, T-shirt and shorts and bearing an oversized backpack on his shoulders. The attack killed five Israelis, the bus driver and the bomber, whom officials stated was carrying a fake Michigan state identification card.

Video image of suspected terrorist bomber whose identity is still unknown.

Authorities said over 30 were injured, three of whom are still listed incritical condition. Israel dispatched Israeli Air Force planes to bring back the Israeli citizens who were not injured from the popular tourist beach destination. According to witnesses, the bombing occurred on one of three buses carrying the Israeli tourists who had just landed and were about to be ferried to their hotels.

An official with ZAKA inspects the wreckage of the bus attacked in Bulgaria. Five Israelis on board and the bus driver were killed along with the suicide bomber, whose identity is unknown..

Huge plumes of black smoke could be seen rising above the airport structure right after the detonation. Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accused Iran of complicity in the terrorist act, a charge Iranian officials deny.

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