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Spike Lee’s Jewish characters have gotten better since ‘Mo’ Better Blues


(JTA) — Spike Lee is releasing a new “joint” in August. “BlacKkKlansman” is a buddy cop film purportedly based on real events, in which a black officer (John David Washington, of the HBO show “Ballers”) and a Jewish officer (Adam Driver, of “Girls,” “Star Wars” sequels and...
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French director Jean-Luc Godard among dozens of film professionals to boycott Israel cinema event

(JTA) – The French filmmaker Jean-Luc Godard joined dozens of other film-industry professionals from France who vowed to boycott an event celebrating Israeli cinema.

Godard, a pioneer of the 1960s New Wave cinema and an avowed Marxist who has fought accusations of anti-Semitism, added his name to a May 4...
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‘Transparent’ will end after its upcoming fifth season

(JTA) — “Transparent,” the Amazon Studios television series about the Jewish transgender matriarch of a Los Angeles family, will end after its upcoming fifth season.

Actor Jeffrey Tambor, who plays the lead role of Maura Pfefferman, was fired from the series in February, following an investigation into allegations that he sexually harassed...
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‘Schindler’s List’ at 25: How Steven Spielberg’s deeply Jewish story spoke to the masses


LOS ANGELES (JTA) — 1993 was a dramatic year in the memorialization of the Holocaust.

In April, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum opened its doors; 45 million visitors later it is a fixture adjacent to the National Mall in Washington, D.C., not only telling the story of...
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Seth Meyers and his wife named their son after her Holocaust survivor grandparents

(JTA) — Seth Meyers’ newborn baby boy is named Axel Strahl Meyers. The Strahl in there might sound unusual, and that’s because it’s actually a surname — one that belonged to his wife’s grandparents, who were both Holocaust survivors.

In a touching segment on his NBC show “Late Night with...
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Hollywood executives offer support to Netflix after BDS movement asks it to scrap ‘Fauda’

(JTA) — More than 50 entertainment industry executives have signed a letter in support of Netflix, after the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement against Israel threatened a lawsuit over its distribution of the Israeli drama series “Fauda.”

The show focuses on a commando unit of the Israeli Defense Forces...
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Zach Braff is happy to be back on TV. ‘Scrubs’ fans should be, too.


(JTA) — Lightning struck Zach Braff in 2001. The up-and-coming Jewish actor, who had appeared in a few films — perhaps most notably a small role in Woody Allen’s “Manhattan Murder Mystery” — landed the lead role of John “J.D.” Dorian in the hospital-based sitcom “Scrubs.”

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Trump congratulates Roseanne Barr on ‘unbelievable’ ratings

(JTA) — President Donald Trump called Roseanne Barr to congratulate her on the high ratings for the reboot of her late 20th-century sitcom.

The White House declined to provide any additional details about the call, which occurred on Wednesday, when the president had no public events, CNN reported Thursday.

The revived “Roseanne,” starring Barr, premiered Tuesday on ABC to a...
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Mayim Bialik makes a Facebook pitch to light an Independence Day torch in Israel

(JTA) — Actress Mayim Bialik wants to light a torch on Mount Herzl for Independence Day.

For the second year in a row, one of the 12 torches lit by important Israelis at the annual Independence Day ceremony to open the 24-hour celebration will be reserved for a member of...
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Oscars 2018: For Jewish nominees, a night not to remember

LOS ANGELES (JTA) — Half a century ago, Bob Hope’s films were wildly popular, but the comedian was never nominated for an Academy Award.

So when Hope served as host of the 1975 Oscar bash, he opened his monologue with “Welcome to the Academy Awards … or as it’s known...
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