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With a nod to Carl Reiner, ‘My Favorite Year’ recalls the infancy of TV sketch comedy


(JTA) — With the passing this week of Carl Reiner, we lost one of the comedy greats, Jewish or otherwise. His obituary recalled a show business career that dated to the infancy of television in the 1950s.

Reiner gained success starting in his late 20s as a...
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Carl Reiner, comedy legend and consummate old Jew telling jokes, dies at 98

(JTA) – Until the last day of his life, Carl Reiner was tweeting about some of his favorite topics: politics, comedy and the twists and turns he experienced over decades as one of the world’s greatest living funnymen.

Reiner died Monday at 98, hours after reiterating his dismay that Donald Trump...
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A famed Hollywood screenwriter has previously backed up Winona Ryder’s claim that Mel Gibson called Jews ‘oven dodgers’


(JTA) — Los Angeles Magazine unearthed a podcast episode from last year in which a prominent Hollywood screenwriter backs up Winona Ryder’s recent claims about Mel Gibson, namely that he is anti-Semitic and called the Jewish actress an “oven dodger.”

On an episode of the magazine’s “The...
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Chelsea Handler deletes video clip of Louis Farrakhan that included her defense of his anti-Semitism

(JTA) — Chelsea Handler deleted a video clip of Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan that the Jewish comedian posted on Instagram, including a defense of Farrakhan’s virulent anti-Semitism.

Handler had come under criticism in the comments to her post of Sunday, which was deleted without explanation on Tuesday. She...
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There’s going to be a new ‘Fiddler on the Roof’ movie

(JTA) — Wonder of wonders: “Fiddler on the Roof” is returning to the big screen.

MGM will produce a remake of the iconic 1964 musical about the struggles and joys of Jewish life in the fictional Eastern European shtetl of Anatevka, according to Deadline.

The new film will bring some...
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Jerry Stiller, longtime comic who won fame on ‘Seinfeld,’ dies at 92

(JTA) — Jerry Stiller, the longtime Jewish comic who became best known for playing the belligerent character Frank Costanza on “Seinfeld,” has died.

Stiller died of natural causes, his son, the comic actor Ben Stiller, announced in a tweet Monday. He was 92.

Jerry Stiller was a classically trained actor...
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A ‘Holocaust Disneyland’? Historians say a controversial film director wants to turn a Ukrainian museum into one.


(JTA) — The latest cinematic release by the Russian film director Ilya Khrzhanovsky is so extreme that he is currently under a police investigation for alleged torture of extras, including underage orphans, in Ukraine.

He filmed the movies in his “Dau” series on a 3-acre set in...
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‘Blazing Saddles’ still stands as one of the great comedies — and the Mel Brooks film teaches lessons, too


(JTA) — Confined by the coronavirus plague over the Passover holiday, what better way to satisfy your hankering for freedom than seeing folks frolicking in the wide-open spaces of the Old West?

While you’re reveling in the great outdoors, you’ll also be laughing uproariously. And surprisingly learning...
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The best Jewish movies and TV shows to stream in quarantine


(JTA) — Perhaps more than ever, people are looking to streaming film and TV platforms as an escape. Live television is dominated by depressing COVID-19 news. There are no sports to watch. Late-night hosts broadcast from their homes.

So it’s not surprising that Netflix usage is surging.

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Adam Sandler pays tribute to doctors and nurses in brand-new ‘Quarantine Song’

(JTA) — Forget about “The Chanukah Song.” Actor Adam Sandler’s latest earworm is a tribute to doctors and nurses and an exhortation for people to stay home to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

Sandler debuted “Quarantine Song” from his home during a guest appearance Thursday on “The Tonight Show...
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