Friday, October 30th 2020   |

Arts and Culture

Jewish rapper Mac Miller to appear at HOB

Mac Miller, a Jewish rapper whose initial foray into the recording industry has resulted in sales of 140,000 units and still going, is traveling to the Big Easy for a concert tonight at the House of Blues. Miller has generated a lot of press for his work titled “Blue Slide Park” when it landed at the top of the Billboard charts, the first time an independent label has done so,...

Playwright Wolfson here to launch ‘Play Dates’

Sam Wolfson, one of the two successful playwrights who brought us “Jewtopia,” travels to New Orleans from his Los Angeles home to oversee the first of several regional premieres of his new work “Play Dates,” bowing tonight at the Mid City Theatre for a three-week run.

Wolfson and partner Bryan Fogel have decided to work separately these days. But not to worry. As a play, “Jewtopia” did bring them both...

Douglas Sills stars as Gomez Addams

While Nathan Lane and Roger Rees have had their day as Broadway stars of the musical “The Addams Family,” Douglas Sills had rehearsals both in New York and in New Orleans as he prepared for the coveted role as Gomez Addams, the patriarch of the bizarre and macabre family first made popular by cartoonist Charles Addams.

A veteran of several starring roles on Broadway, most notably as a Tony Award nominee...