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As more Israelis choose pure olive oil to light the Chanukah menorah, counterfeiters see an opportunity


JERUSALEM (JTA) — In a supermarket here, Ohad David makes a beeline for the most expensive olive oil in the store. 

He takes three bottles of the award-winning Midnight Coratina brand, which goes for about $3 per ounce. It has “medium potency, green fruitiness and a green-leaf, grassy bouquet,” according to its description on the website of Ptora, the boutique olive oil factory that makes it.

But David,...

Maccabeats to usher in Chanukah on Sunday at JCC

The Maccabeats, an a capella group who has achieved fame via their highly produced and clever YouTube videos, will return to the New Orleans Uptown Jewish Community Center to perform a series of Chanukah-related songs on Sunday afternoon at 2:00 p.m.

The group last performed at the JCC in 2013. The concert is part of the Cathy and Morris Bart Cultural Arts Series. 

The show is free, but requires an...

Biden White House is planning a last-minute Chanukah party — in person

WASHINGTON (JTA) — The Biden White House is planning an in-person Chanukah party for next week.

The Chanukah party has been a White House tradition since 2001. But the Trump administration’s decision to hold one in person last year, as the coronavirus pandemic raged, turned the normally bipartisan meet-and-mingle into a politically polarized event.

This year, the pandemic is ongoing, and there were concerns about in-person Chanukah and Christmas events...


Shir Chadash to offer day-long Chanukah celebration on Dec. 5

Shir Chadash Conservative Congregation has announced plans for a full day of Chanukah-related activities on Sunday, December 5, which corresponds to the seventh day of the eight-day holiday.

The day begins at 9:00 a.m. with “Superhero” Shul School and programs designed for the younger set. All children are encouraged to come dressed as their favorite superhero as a way of honoring the ancient Maccabees. Each class will have its own,...

Meet the Jewish founder of the world’s only bobblehead museum, and his Chanukah bobbles


(JTA) — A crochet museum in Joshua Tree, California features countless crochet animals that appear in airport ads worldwide. The National Mustard Museum in Wisconsin was founded by a Jewish condiment aficionado.

In February 2019, another niche museum opened around 90 miles east of the mustard mecca: the National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum, located in Milwaukee.

Co-founded by Phil Sklar, a Jewish Illinois native, and...

From Dubai to hospitals to, yes, Zoom, here are 12 snapshots of how Jews around the world celebrated Chanukah this year

(JTA) — What would Chanukah be without parties? That’s the question Jews around the world faced this winter, with the coronavirus pandemic making gatherings of any size unsafe. But as with the other holidays that have taken place since the pandemic began in March, the celebrations adapted to meet the moment.

Here’s what that looked like. We’d love to see your Chanukah pictures! Tag @JTANews on Facebook or Twitter, or...

Menorah at Dartmouth shot with pellets, in latest Chanukah attack

(JTA) — A public menorah at Dartmouth College was shot with a pellet gun, in the latest anti-Semitic incident during the holiday of Chanukah.

Rabbi Moshe Gray, who runs the campus Chabad center with his wife Chani, said he discovered the vandalism on Wednesday evening, as he prepared to turn on the menorah’s electric lights for the holiday’s seventh night. Holes from a pellet gun had broken seven of the...

Person in the Parsha: Miketz



 Typically, this week’s Torah portion, Parshat Miketz (Genesis 41:1-44:17), is read during Chanukah. This year is an exception. This Shabbat, we read Miketz on the day after Chanukah.

Since my early childhood, I’ve associated the day after Chanukah with sad feelings, feelings of loss. After all, for eight consecutive days, we celebrated...

Dave Grohl, the Foo Fighters singer, is pumping out covers of songs by Jewish artists for Chanukah


(JTA) — Dave Grohl, who is best known as the leader of the 12-time Grammy winning band Foo Fighters, isn’t Jewish. But he’s having a lot of musical fun this Chanukah.

Grohl teamed up with the Grammy-winning Jewish producer Greg Kurstin, who has worked with the Foo Fighters, to record eight covers of songs by famous Jewish artists, one for each night of the holiday. “Festival of...