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Hillel announces departure of Rabbi Yonah Schiller


Rabbi Yonah Schiller, the executive director of Tulane Hillel since 2008, will be leaving the university at the end of the current fiscal year at the end of June, according to a letter from Steve Stern, the chairman of the Tulane Hillel Board of Directors.

Schiller will...
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Iran admits it shot down Ukrainian airliner, sparking protests in Tehran

 – Protesters gathered outside Amirkabir University in Tehran on Saturday night, shouting “Khamenei is over” and calling the government “shameless” after Iran admitted that its forces had shot down a civilian airliner, killing 176 people, and then lied about it.

In initial reports of the crash of the Ukraine International Flight...
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Fielkow and Ahlquist hold joint press briefing on security

By ANGELA MAONE, Special to the CCJN

With the rash of anti-Semitic attacks in New York and questions about the security of the New Orleans Jewish community, Arnie Fielkow, CEO of the Jewish Federation of Greater New Orleans, and Aaron Ahlquist, the executive director of the South Central Region of...
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Iran hits U.S. bases in Iraq, warns escalation would reach Israel

WASHINGTON (JTA) — Iran fired ballistic missiles at U.S. military targets in Iraq in retaliation for the killing last week of top general and warned that if the United States escalates, Iran’s next targets would be U.S. allies including Israel.

“Iran is warning that if there is retaliation for the...
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25,000 march against anti-Semitism in New York City


NEW YORK (JTA) — An estimated 25,000 people marched across the Brooklyn Bridge and held a rally on Sunday to protest rising anti-Semitism in and around New York City.

The rally comes following a spate of attacks on Jews — including, most recently, a stabbing attack at...
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What the killing of the top Iranian general Qassem Soleimani means for Jews, the US and Israel


WASHINGTON (JTA) — A U.S. strike on a vehicle near Baghdad airport early Friday morning killed Qassem Soleimani, Iran’s most influential military commander. Soleimani was the leader of the Iranian Quds Force, which had ties to American and Israeli enemies such as Hamas and Hezbollah, and was...
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Bernie Sanders picks former Obama official as liaison to Jewish community in a nod to the establishment


WASHINGTON (JTA) — The Bernie Sanders campaign has named an insider in both the Jewish and Democratic establishments — entities that the presidential candidate has previously kept at a distance — as its liaison to the Jewish community.

The appointment of Joel Rubin, 48, a former Obama...
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10 ways American Jewish life changed in the 2010s


NEW YORK (JTA) — All of the gloom and doom that many in the Jewish community have felt toward the end of this decade should not obscure the fact that the 2010s were full of innovation.

Yes, there was an alarming rise in anti-Semitism across the U.S....
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The Jews who defined the 2010s


(JTA) — The 2010s were nothing if not turbulent.

The decade brought us unprecedented political polarization, war and increasing conflict in Israel, dozens of horrific mass shootings, and a new age of election hacking and private...
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First Yiddish musical in America, ‘The Sorceress,’ is casting a spell in New York

By ALAN SMASON, Special to the CCJN

When renowned Yiddish theatre figure and impressario Boris Thomashefksy began his storied career, he was all of 14 years of age. Unlike the Europe of his earlier upbringing, there were no theaters or performances halls to mount a production on the mean streets...
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