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Rosh Hashanah

Forget the agonizing, here’s an easy and elegant Rosh Hashanah menu


NEW YORK (JTA) — We love to kvetch about how early or late Rosh Hashanah falls — as if we have any control or say when the holidays will appear. But this year, the Jewish New Year falls on the early side for us Americans, right after Labor Day and the start of school. So there’s no time to agonize over menus or prep for weeks, which...

What makes a mensch? A ‘digital diva’ wants to know


(JTA) — “Our technology has exceeded our humanity,” Albert Einstein allegedly once lamented.

But filmmaker Tiffany Shlain — who utilizes an online, collaborative process and distribution method she dubs “cloud filmmaking” — says it’s possible that technology, used correctly, can enhance our humanity.

As a testament to Shlain’s methods, as well as her rise to becoming one of the most influential filmmakers in the American Jewish world,...

The Reform movement’s new holiday prayer book is radically inclusive


(JTA) — When some Reform synagogue-goers open up their prayer books this High Holiday season, they will be greeted with snippets of poems by the likes of Walt Whitman and Pablo Neruda. Feminist and LGBTQ-friendly terms and phrases will be subtly incorporated into the prayers; scattered among those prayers will be original woodcut prints inspired by the holidays.

How can this be, you ask? The Central Conference...

This Rosh Hashanah, I Challenge You to Focus on the Positives


(Kveller via JTA) — Two essential parts of preparing for Rosh Hashanah, our clean slate for the year, is asking forgiveness from anyone we wronged and making a list (mental or written) of the ways we fell short since the last time we heard the shofar. Ideally that hard work of going to friends, family and anyone else deserving of our forgiveness happens in the weeks leading up to...

Shofar so good: The Jews who inspired us in 5774


NEW YORK (JTA) – In a year with no shortage of bad news, these 10 Jewish individuals or groups inspired or impressed us in 5774.

David Blatt, for leading underdog Maccabi Tel Aviv to the Euroleague title and weeks later nabbing the head coaching post of the NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers. Blatt played for an Israeli kibbutz team in 1979 after his sophomore year at Princeton, competed for...

Here’s an easy and pleasing Rosh Hashanah menu


( — When the Jewish New Year comes around, many people stress for weeks leading up to the holiday and break out their most complicated recipes to impress guests. But when I entertain around the holidays, I prefer to rely on a few go-to dishes that are simple to prepare, pack a delicious punch and still impress my friends and family despite my lack of stressing.


Give up the guilt: A proposal for the New Year


SAN FRANCISCO ( — Here is a radical proposal for the New Year: Forget the guilt and instead lean into what you love to become the best possible version of yourself.

The liturgy for the Jewish New Year has us taking a long hard look at all the mistakes we have made over the previous 12 months. Soul searching is good, but for the most part...

Some lessons from the New Year’s texts


For the past several years, and again this year, I have been honored to be chosen to read the Torah in my synagogue on the first day of Rosh Hashanah – and each year I struggle with the troubling text and try to figure out what it is saying to me.

For those who may be unfamiliar, the reading from Genesis Chapter 21 tells of how Sarah, long...

OP-ED: A Time to Remember and a Time to Forget


Memory is a primary motivator for teshuvah (repentance), but all too often unfortunately it is the memory of God which plays the dominant role. God as the being with an infinite and infallible memory, remembers and recounts all of our actions. God is the Judge in front of whom nothing is hidden or forgotten. Such a God instills fear that on the Day of Judgment, the...

Condemn Muslim riots on Temple Mount, Western Wall rabbi says

JERUSALEM (JTA) — The rabbi of the Western Wall called on the world to condemn riots by Muslims on the Temple Mount during Rosh Hashanah.

Palestinians threw rocks at police and at Jewish worshipers on Friday on the Temple Mount, the holiest site for Jews, following Muslim prayer services at the Al-Aksa Mosque there, as well as at sites in the Old City of Jerusalem. Some 15 rioters were arrested.