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Yom Kippur

Beyond the bagel: Breaking the fast with flair


NEW YORK (JTA) — By the time the fast is over on Yom Kippur, the last thing you want to be doing is patchkeing in the kitchen to prepare lots of food. And as much as I can’t wait to shove a bagel and cream cheese with all the fixins in my face, I also like to enjoy something sweet, something salty and something a little fresh...

What makes a mensch? A ‘digital diva’ wants to know


(JTA) — “Our technology has exceeded our humanity,” Albert Einstein allegedly once lamented.

But filmmaker Tiffany Shlain — who utilizes an online, collaborative process and distribution method she dubs “cloud filmmaking” — says it’s possible that technology, used correctly, can enhance our humanity.

As a testament to Shlain’s methods, as well as her rise to becoming one of the most influential filmmakers in the American Jewish world,...

The Reform movement’s new holiday prayer book is radically inclusive


(JTA) — When some Reform synagogue-goers open up their prayer books this High Holiday season, they will be greeted with snippets of poems by the likes of Walt Whitman and Pablo Neruda. Feminist and LGBTQ-friendly terms and phrases will be subtly incorporated into the prayers; scattered among those prayers will be original woodcut prints inspired by the holidays.

How can this be, you ask? The Central Conference...

This Rosh Hashanah, I Challenge You to Focus on the Positives


(Kveller via JTA) — Two essential parts of preparing for Rosh Hashanah, our clean slate for the year, is asking forgiveness from anyone we wronged and making a list (mental or written) of the ways we fell short since the last time we heard the shofar. Ideally that hard work of going to friends, family and anyone else deserving of our forgiveness happens in the weeks leading up to...

Georgia students protest homecoming game on Yom Kippur

(JTA) — An online petition protesting the university of Georgia’s decision to hold its homecoming football game on Yom Kippur has acquired some 2,000 signatures.The petition decrying the scheduling conflict was addressed to the university president.Georgia is playing Vanderbilt in a Southeastern Conference game on Saturday that is scheduled to start at 4 p.m, several hours before the end of Yom Kippur, the holiest...

Israel imposes Yom Kippur closure of West Bank

JERUSALEM (JTA) — The West Bank was closed by the Israeli military ahead of Yom Kippur.Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon ordered the closure, which begins at 11:59 p.m. Thursday and will remain in effect until the same time on Saturday.Palestinians needing humanitarian assistance will be able to enter Israel with the permission of the Civil Administration.Ben Gurion Airport also will be closed to...

At Yom Kippur, dreaming of a white yontif


LOS ANGELES (JTA) — These days, more people are wearing white after Labor Day, especially on Yom Kippur. Last year, to keep up with the trend, I looked to buy a white suit to wear during my yearly battle of spirituality vs somnambulism. I had heard that everyone else in my congregation was going to wear white, and on this day of...

Christians and Jews: Faith and forgiveness


Many bible scholars, both Jewish and Christian, make the obvious point that Christianity stresses forgiveness while Judaism gives it a glance, says it’s a nice thing, but then bounces back to justice, which may include punishment for evil doers, not forgiveness. Yom Kippur brings this difference to the forefront. After all, Jesus brought atonement for mankind’s original sin. Christianity’s ore is the...

Break-fast pickle? Try cucumber salad and your own cream cheese


( — Fasting on Yom Kippur is one of my least favorite parts of being Jewish. I recognize the value of reflective fasting, and I know some people even enjoy the fast day, but for me it is a torturous 25 hours until I can break into the bagels and kugel.

The last thing anyone wants to do after fasting and sitting in synagogue is to start...

Colorado flooding wreaks havoc on Yom Kippur observances

By ANDREA JACOBS, Intermountain Jewish News

DENVER (IJN) — Before the start of Yom Kippur, a flood of historic proportions swallowed Boulder, Colo., and surrounding areas, displacing families, damaging synagogues and threatening services on the holiest day of the Jewish year — until determination came to the rescue.

Orthodox Boulder Aish Kodesh hit the Internet first, sending a mass email to 500 residents announcing...