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Headstones smashed at Jewish cemeteries in Ukraine and Romania

(JTA) — In two separate incidents, a Jewish cemetery was vandalized in Romania and Ukraine.

The Center for Monitoring and Combating Antisemitism in Romania-MCA reported Sunday about the incident in the town of Ploesti, located about 50 miles north of Bucharest. Multiple headstones, some as recent as 2009, were knocked over. Several were smashed.

On Thursday, at least 10 of the 60 headstones in the Jewish cemetery of Radvanka, a...

Arson suspected outside German synagogue

(JTA) — An unidentified individual is believed to have started a fire outside a synagogue in the city of Ulm in Germany, resulting in superficial damage to the building’s exterior.

The suspected arson Saturday in Ulm, which is situated about 70 miles northwest of Munich, did not damage the building’s interior because a witness called firefighters who arrived on the scene within minutes and extinguished the flame, Deutsche Welle reported....

Belfast City Council calls for Israeli ambassadors to be expelled from UK and Ireland

(JTA) — The City Council of Belfast in Northern Ireland passed a motion calling on the governments of the United Kingdom and Ireland to expel Israel’s ambassadors to those countries.

In addition to the vote in Belfast, the capital of the British region of Northern Ireland, pro-Palestinian students and activists staged a sit-in protest on Thursday in front of the Foreign Ministry of Ireland in Dublin. They blocked the entrance...

Dutch university removes ‘from the river to the sea’ pro-Palestinian banner following protests by Jews

AMSTERDAM (JTA) — A public Dutch university removed a series of banners about Israel made by resident artists, including one reading “from the river to the sea,” after protests by local Jews.

The State Academy of Fine Arts in Amsterdam was “not aware of some of the meanings of the phrase and have decided, with the resident artists who displayed banners on the subject, to remove them,” Emily Pethick, the...

In Ukraine, bullet holes are found in a synagogue and a mass grave of Holocaust victims is desecrated

(JTA) — In two separate disturbing incidents in Ukraine, bullet holes were found in a synagogue and grave robbers allegedly raided a Holocaust-era mass grave , exposing and scattering human remains.

The aftermath of a shooting at the synagogue of Kremenchuk, a city located 130 miles southeast of Kyiv, was discovered early last month but reported by the local Jewish community on Monday. The delay was planned “in order to...

Jewish journalist from Detroit detained in Myanmar while trying to leave the country


(Detroit Jewish News via JTA) — On his way home for a surprise visit to see family and friends, Jewish journalist Danny Fenster was detained Monday in Myanmar, where he works for a news site in the country’s largest city of Yangon.

Fenster is among the many journalists who have been detained, imprisoned or expelled from the country since a military coup took control of its...

Biden administration adds $38.5 million in assistance to the Palestinians


(JTA) — The Biden administration increased its assistance to Palestinians by $38.5 million in the wake of the latest Gaza war and pledged to abide by U.S. laws that would keep the money from going to terrorists.

On Wednesday, Secretary of State Antony Blinken outlined the additional funds that the administration plans to steer to the Palestinians. His statement came a day after Blinken concluded his trip...

British Jews fear anti-Semitism has risen to unprecedented heights after Gaza protests


(JTA) — The ceasefire declared by Israel and Hamas after 11 days of fighting seems to be holding, but the aftereffects on Jews in Europe —  especially in Britain — are still being felt.

As in previous rounds of Israeli military conflicts involving Palestinians over the past 20 years, anti-Semitic violence and intimidation have surged in Europe, where tens of thousands of protesters have marched and rallied...

Holocaust survivor wishes Tik Tok a Shabbat Shalom and gets spammed with antisemitic hate


(JTA) — Lily Ebert is 97. Her great-grandson, Dov Forman, helped her create a Tik Tok account so she could tell its youthful community about surviving Auschwitz.

On May 14, instead of one of her pithy recollections, Ebert had a simple message for 90,000 followers, delivered from her London home: “Wishing you a lovely, peaceful weekend,” she said, and repeated a similar wish in Hungarian, her native...

Hamas-Israel ceasefire expected to take effect on Friday, IDF ratchets up military successes


– As multiple media reports of a ceasefire taking effect on Friday surfaced on Thursday, Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad continued to fire on southern Israeli cities, towns and villages throughout the day, while the Israeli Air Force struck targets it detected in real time.

As of 7 p.m. Israeli time on Thursday, Gaza’s terror factions had fired 4,340 rockets towards the Jewish state since...