Israel to launch first manned mission to the moon


ISRAEL (TPS) — SpaceIL, an Israeli NGO, announced Tuesday morning they will be sending a manned spacecraft to the moon before the end of 2019.

The spacecraft is set to be launched using Elon Musk’s private aerospace company SpaceX, with a scheduled launch date of December 13,...
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South Africa will not reinstate ambassador to Israel

(JTA) — South Africa will not reinstate its ambassador to Israel, despite pressure from Jewish groups in the country.

In May, South Africa recalled its ambassador, Sisa Ngombane, “until further notice” after Israeli troops killed more than 50 Palestinian protesters and wounded hundreds during protests at the Israel-Gaza border, part...
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Max Fuchs, US soldier who led historic Jewish service in Germany during WWII, dies at 96

NEW YORK (JTA) — Max Fuchs, an American soldier who helped lead a historic Jewish religious service in Germany during World War II, has died.

Fuchs, an Army rifleman who led the 1944 Shabbat service in Aachen alongside Army chaplain Rabbi Sidney Lefkowitz, for some 50 Jewish-American soldiers, died Tuesday, according...
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Jewish Israel advocate shot and killed in Johannesburg, South Africa

(JTA) — An outspoken Jewish advocate for Israel was shot and killed at his workplace in South Africa by unidentified gunmen who left behind his car, wallet and cellphone.

Sergio Kowensky, the chairman of the Likud South Africa Jewish group, was gunned down Tuesday in a southern suburb of Johannesburg...
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Britain to lead review of incitement in Palestinian textbooks

(JTA) — The British government and other donors to the Palestinian education system will undertake a review of incitement against Israel and Jews in Palestinian textbooks.

“There is no place in education for materials or practices that incite young minds toward violence,” Parliament member Alistair Burt, a Foreign Office minister, said during a...
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Mexico City elects first Jewish mayor

(JTA) – Mexico City elected a Jewish woman as mayor Sunday — setting two firsts for the largest city in North America.

A woman had previously been appointed Mexico City’s mayor on an interim basis for a year in 1999, but Claudia Sheinbaum Pardo is the first woman to be...
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Saudi Arabia lifts ban against women drivers

( — The last and only nation in the world that bans female motorists will lift the restriction, as women are expected to be allowed to take the wheel in Saudi Arabia on Sunday.

The move is seen as part of an attempt by the heir to the throne, Crown...
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Poland reverses policy in controversial Holocaust speech law

 — Following enormous international outcry, including from Israel and Jewish groups, Poland has decided to remove the criminal provisions of its controversial Holocaust speech law.

The law first proposed earlier this year had sought criminal penalties for any accusing the Polish nation of complicity in the Holocaust but was...
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Haredi Orthodox responsible for reversing Jewish population decline in Britain, study says

(JTA) — High birthrates among the haredi Orthodox are responsible for a recent growth in the number of British Jews following decades of decline, a new study shows.

The trend was featured in a report published Thursday by the Institute for Jewish Policy Research, or JPR, and the Board of...
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Men yell ‘f*** all Jews’ at Dutch chief rabbi’s son and family

AMSTERDAM (JTA) — The son of a chief rabbi of the Netherlands and his family were accosted on the street by two young men who shouted at them “f*** all Jews” at them.

Rabbi Yanki Jacobs, the son of Binyomin Jacobs, made a complaint to police on Sunday about the incident...
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