2 Israeli women missing in Argentina

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina (JTA) – Two Israeli women who were traveling in Argentina have been missing for more than a week.

Dr. Lily Pereg, 54, an associate professor of microbiology at the University of New England in Australia, and her sister, Pyrhia Sarusi, 63, were last seen on Jan. 12 in...
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Israel and Chad announce resumption of diplomatic ties

JERUSALEM (JTA) — Israel and Chad announced the resumption of diplomatic relations.

The announcement came Sunday, hours after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu landed in the African nation on what he called a “historic and important” visit.

“This is part of the revolution that we are doing in the Arab...
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Jewish-American businessman among 21 killed in Nairobi terrorist attack


(JTA) — Jason Spindler, a Jewish American whose life was changed when he survived the 9/11 attack in New York, was killed in a terrorist attack in Nairobi, Kenya.

The shooting attack Tuesday on a business complex, claimed by the Somali Islamist terrorist group Shabab, claimed at...
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Hillel International investigation finds sexual harassment claims against some donors ‘justified’


(JTA) — Hillel International has issued a confidential statement to its professional staff and board of directors about an internal investigation into sexual harassment allegations against some donors.

The statement said that the six-month investigation confirmed the allegations, The New York Jewish Week reported in an article posted Sunday...
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At least 13,000 Palestinians riot along Gaza border, IDF hits Hamas post

At least 13,000 Palestinians rioted along the border between Israel and Gaza on Friday in the latest escalation in tensions in the region.

According to the Israel Defense Forces, the Palestinian rioters were seen throwing rocks, firebombs and hand grenades at IDF soldiers, while also burning tires...
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Defendant at Belgian Jewish museum killings trial inventing conspiracies, Jews say

(JTA) — On the opening of a murder trial over the 2014 slaying of four people at the Jewish Museum of Belgium, a leader of Belgian Jewry accused the defendant’s lawyers of spreading conspiracy theories.

Yohan Benizri, president of the Coordinating Committee of Belgian Jewish Organizations, was quoted by Le...
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British museum gives chief rabbi bones said to belong to Holocaust victims

(JTA) — The United Kingdom’s Imperial War Museum transferred to the office of the country’s chief rabbi human remains that a are thought to belong to six Holocaust victims. The remains, which the museum had kept since 1997, are to be buried later this month, The Jewish News of London...
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Belgian ban on kosher slaughter has Jews worried about what comes next


(JTA) — Antwerp’s Jewish community was still recovering from its Holocaust-era devastation when Wim van den Brande’s grandfather opened one of Europe’s largest kosher slaughterhouses.

Since its establishment in 1966, the Kosher Poultry factory grew together with the local Jewish community, which numbered only a few thousand...
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NASA named the most distant object explored by a spacecraft with a term used by Nazis


(JTA) — Earlier this week, NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft flew by what it says is the most distant object ever explored by a spacecraft.

But calling the trans-Neptunian object by its official designation of 2014 MU69 was cumbersome and boring for NASA scientists, who considered some 34,000...
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From Jerusalem to Latin America, Israel’s diplomatic successes in 2018


 — 2018 is viewed by many experts as a banner year for Israeli diplomacy, including major achievements and enhanced international reach. At the same time, analysts say the Jewish state is facing political pushback and some significant challenges as the calendar year comes to an end.

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