London mayor wins re-election bid

London Mayor Boris Johnson won his bid for re-election last week. Johnson ran against the previous mayor, Ken “Red” Livingstone, who served in office 2000-2008. Livingston, a member of the British Labor Party has been cited for several anti-Semitic comments he has made and has been criticized by Jews and...
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Jewish American now being held by Al Qaeda

Warren Weinstein, a 70-year-old Jewish-American kidnapped in a brazen daylight attack at his home in Lahore, Pakistan, is now in the hands of the Al Qaeda terrorist organization, according to a statement from its leader, Ayman Al-Zawahari. Weinstein’s home was attacked August 13 on the eve of the Ramadan festival...
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Warsaw conference deals with ‘threats’

The largest conference of European rabbis to meet in Poland since World War II has ended after addressing a number of what is perceived to be anti-Semitic threats to Jews living in Western Europe. According to the Jerusalem Post, so-called “militant secularism” is seen as a threat to two very...
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