Facebook says it will allow Holocaust denial

(JTA) — Facebook will still allow users to deny the Holocaust even though it removed prominent bigots and anti-Semites from its platform.

The social media giant deleted the personal, professional and fan accounts of some leading extremists and conspiracy theorists, like David Duke, Louis Farrakhan and Alex Jones, on Thursday. But...
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4 children of couple murdered in West Bank sue Syria and Iran in federal court

(JTA) — The four children of a couple who were killed by a Palestinian Hamas terror cell while driving in the West Bank have filled a $360 million civil damages wrongful death lawsuit against Iran and Syria in federal court in Washington.

Eitam and Naama Henkin were killed on Oct....
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Anti-Semitic attack on kosher cafe in Canada was staged by owners, police say

(JTA) — An alleged anti-Semitic attack on a kosher Italian-style café in Winnipeg, Canada was staged by the owners of the restaurant, police now say.

Police charged the owners of the BerMax Caffe and Bistro in Winnipeg, in central Canada, with public mischief. The investigation of the April 18 incident...
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UPDATE: Airbnb will cancel its ban on West Bank settlement listings


(JTA) — In a reversal of a 2018 policy announcement, Airbnb will not remove West Bank settlement listings from its website.

The policy change came in a court settlement Monday between the vacation rental company and a dozen American Jewish plaintiffs who had sued the company, organized by...
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Beresheet captures images of the dark side of the moon

Beresheet, Israel’s historic spacecraft, entered lunar orbit on Thursday, April 4 and is performing well on its journey to the moon, according to data supplied from the SpaceIL and Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) to the engineering team at the control room in Yehud, Israel.

During its lunar orbit,...
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South Africa downgrades embassy in Israel to liaison office

JERUSALEM (JTA) — South Africa has downgraded its embassy in Israel to a liaison office. The office, located in Tel Aviv, has “no political mandate, no trade mandate and no development cooperation mandate. It will not be responsible for trade and commercial activities,” South African Foreign Minister Lindiwe Sisulu said...
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Quebec bill bans religious symbols such as kippahs

MONTREAL (JTA) — Quebec has introduced a bill that bans some public employees from wearing religious symbols at work, including kippahs.

The measure is intended to reinforce the separation of church and state, but critics say the real target appears to be Muslims and their hijabs.

The Quebec parliament tabled...
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State Department ready to fund programs against rise of anti-Semitism abroad

(JTA) — The U.S. State Department is offering to shell out up to $1 million each on up to two projects that counter the rise of anti-Semitism in countries in Europe and Central Asia.

The State Department’s Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor put out a call this week for...
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Israel accused of deadly airstrikes on Iranian munitions depots in Syria

JERUSALEM (JTA) — Israel is accused of airstrikes on ammunition depots near the Aleppo International Airport in Syria that are reported to have killed seven members of the Iranian armed forces.

Israel neither confirmed nor denied the claims by the Syrian army and a watchdog group. The Iranians killed may have...
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Romanian PM announces Jerusalem embassy move at AIPAC conference

WASHINGTON (JTA) — Romanian Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă announced at the annual American Israel Public Affairs Committee conference that her government had decided to move its embassy to Jerusalem.

Dăncilă, who said addressing AIPAC on Sunday that she “admired” President Donald Trump for moving the U.S. embassy last year, did...
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