High time for Israel’s flagship medical cannabis conference to go global


( — While international interest in Israel’s groundbreaking medical cannabis sector grows, a leading Israeli player in that space will take its flagship annual event overseas later this month.

After holding its third innovation conference in Tel Aviv in March, iCAN: Israel-Cannabis—a developer of medical cannabis formulations and clinical trials—is...
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Canada to replace Holocaust memorial plaque that omitted Jews

(JTA) — The plaque marking the opening of Canada’s National Holocaust Monument will be replaced after the original failed to mention that Jews were the majority of the victims.

Heritage Minister Melanie Joly told the House of Commons on Thursday that the plaque will be replaced, and also reiterated that...
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Interpol admits State of Palestine over Israeli, US objections

JERUSALEM (JTA) — Interpol voted to admit the State of Palestine to the world police organization despite attempts by Israel and the United States to prevent it.

On Tuesday, 75 countries voted in favor of admitting Palestine at Interpol’s General Assembly in Beijing, with 24 voting against and 34 abstaining....
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Mexico City earthquake: Israeli rescuers pull body of local rabbi from rubble

(JTA) — Volunteers from Israel’s ZAKA search and rescue organization pulled the body of a local rabbi from an office building that collapsed in a massive earthquake that hit Mexico.

Rabbi Haim Ashkenazi had been working in the office building when the 7.1-magnitude earthquake struck central Mexico on Tuesday afternoon,...
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Bernie Sanders says US ‘complicit’ in Israel’s occupation of the Palestinians

(JTA) — U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders said the United States is “complicit” in Israel’s occupation of the West Bank and Gaza.

“[B]ut that is not to say … that Israel is the only party at fault,” Sanders, an independent senator from Virginia, said in an interview with The Intercept news website published...
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Trump says US cannot ‘abide’ Iran nuclear deal, ignores Israeli-Palestinian peace in UN speech

(JTA) — President Donald Trump told the U.N. General Assembly that the United States cannot “abide” the Iran nuclear deal as it stands but notably omitted mention of Israeli-Palestinian peace.

“We cannot abide by an agreement if it provides cover for an eventual nuclear program,” Trump said Tuesday on the...
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Netanyahu prefers scrapping Iran deal over fixing

(JTA) — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the Iran nuclear deal must be amended or canceled, but suggested that scrapping the deal may be preferable.

“Israel’s policy regarding the nuclear deal with Iran is very simple — change it or cancel it, fix it or nix it,” Netanyahu said...
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Israel to send search-and-rescue team to Mexico in wake of severe earthquake

JERUSALEM (JTA) — Israel will send a search and rescue team to Mexico in the wake of a severe earthquake — the second to hit the North American nation in two weeks.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered the operation and said it would leave for Mexico as soon as possible,...
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Iran’s president says security for Israel is ‘not possible,’ pleads for nuclear deal

WASHINGTON (JTA) —  President Hassan Rouhani of Iran delivered to the United Nations an extended plea to preserve the Iran nuclear deal while saying it was “not possible” to guarantee Israel security as long as it “usurped” Palestinian lands.

Rouhani, speaking Wednesday, derided the tough talk about his country delivered...
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Abbas at UN warns that two-state solution is in ‘jeopardy’

(JTA) — Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas speaking at the U.N. General Assembly called for the preservation of the two-state solution.

“The two-state solution is in jeopardy, we cannot as Palestinians stand still in the face of this threat,” Abbas said Wednesday at the launch of this year’s General Assembly...
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