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Operation Breaking Dawn’: Heavy rocket barrages across Israel ahead of ceasefire with Islamic Jihad

– Terrorists in the Gaza Strip on Sunday night fired heavy barrages of rockets at southern and central Israel, as an Egypt-mediated ceasefire between the sides came into effect at 11:30 p.m. local time.

A statement from the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office confirmed that a truce had been reached, and thanked Egyptian mediators for their efforts.

“If the ceasefire is violated,” the statement qualified, “Israel maintains the right...

Islamic Jihad pummels Israel with rockets as IDF’s ‘Operation Breaking Dawn’ enters second day

( – The Israel Defense Forces on Saturday night was preparing for a “week of fighting” against Palestinian Islamic Jihad in the Gaza Strip, as terrorists in the enclave fired over 350 projectiles towards the Jewish state in the previous 24 hours.

The IDF said that the Iron Dome missile defense system had successfully intercepted 95 percent of the approximately 170 projectiles fired by PIJ that were headed for populated regions....

UN investigator apologizes for ‘Jewish lobby’ remark and other comments deemed antisemitic


(JTA) — A United Nations investigator has apologized for recently using the phrase “Jewish lobby” and suggesting that Israel could lose its U.N. membership, comments that drew widespread condemnation, including from U.S. officials.

Miloon Kothari sent an apology letter on Thursday to Federico Villegas, head of the U.N. Human Rights Council, for statements he made during a podcast interview last week with the anti-Zionist Mondoweiss site.


IDF attacks Islamic Jihad targets in Gaza

Israel Defense Forces (IDF), acting in cooperation with the Israel Security Agency, struck at several targets on Friday night in Gaza. which they had identified as part of an Islamic Jihad terror cell. According to Israeli officials, Taysir al-Jabari, one of the top two commanders in Islamic Jihad, was listed as having been killed as well as several others who were preparing to launch a missile attack against Israel.


Canada says Jews were most-targeted religious minority for hate crimes last year


MONTREAL (JTA) — Canada’s 380,000 Jews were the most targeted religious minority for hate crimes reported to police in 2021, the country’s official numbers keeper reported Tuesday.

Statistics Canada said that the Jewish community, comprising about 1% of the population, were victims of 14% of reported hate crimes. Jews saw a 47% rise in reported hate crimes compared to 2020, according to the bureau.

“We are deeply...

Deborah Lipstadt, back from Saudi Arabia, says progress underway on combatting antisemitism in Gulf states


(JTA) – When Deborah Lipstadt recently met with a Saudi diplomat, she recalled, “He stood up and he said to me, ‘I come from a city where there were Jews.’”

That interaction in Saudi Arabia, a country that has been widely criticized for its human rights abuses, was a highlight of Lipstadt’s recent Middle East trip, her first tour as the U.S. State Department’s special envoy for...

US officials ‘outraged’ over comments made by member of UN inquiry into Israel-Gaza conflict


(JTA) – A United Nations commission formed to investigate alleged human rights abuses in Israel and the Palestinian Territories is under renewed scrutiny this week as two prominent American diplomats have accused one of its members of anti-Israel and antisemitic speech.

Deborah Lipstadt, the State Department’s special envoy on antisemitism, and Michèle Taylor, the U.S. ambassador to the U.N. Human Rights Council, both condemned Miloon Kothari, a...

Saudi Arabia arrests citizen who helped Israeli journalist enter Mecca illegally


(JTA) — The man who assisted Israeli journalist Gil Tamary in entering Mecca has been arrested, Saudi Arabia announced on Friday.

Mecca is Islam’s holiest city and off limits to non-Muslims. Tamary filmed a report from there last week, which broadcast on Israeli TV on Tuesday, quickly drawing ire for his decision to violate Islamic and Saudi Arabian law.

To protect the safety of the guide Tamary...

Holocaust memorials in Buchenwald and Berlin vandalized in same week


(JTA) — In the same week, sets of unidentified individuals cut down trees planted to commemorate Holocaust victims near the former Nazi camp of Buchenwald in Germany and drew swastikas were onto one of the concrete slabs of Berlin’s Holocaust memorial.

Near Buchenwald, the perpetrators on Tuesday sawed off the tops of seven trees planted along a road that used to lead to the camp, the DPA...

Dozens of Jewish graves damaged in 600-year-old Turkish cemetery

(JTA) — Dozens of Jewish graves were damaged or destroyed in the 600-year old cemetery of Istanbul’s Hasköy neighborhood last week, the Turkish Jewish community announced via Twitter.

“Our Hasköy Cemetery was entered at midnight, and 36 of our tombstones were destroyed,” the community’s official Twitter account said last Thursday. The Turkish Jewish weekly Şalom Gazetesi later put the number at 81. “The matter has been conveyed to the relevant...