Israel Elections

Israeli Labor Party leader Amir Peretz shaves trademark mustache to make a political point

JERUSALEM (JTA) — Labor Party chairman Amir Peretz has given a whole new meaning to the expression “Read my lips.”

Peretz sacrificed the mustache that he has sported in various stages of bushiness for the past 47 years to make a point about a future unity government.

“I decided to...
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Who’s running in Israel’s September elections, explained


JERUSALEM (JTA) — Israel’s upcoming elections in September — just five months after the last ones in April — are essentially a do-over.

In the April election, the right wing won a majority. But because Israel has a parliamentary system, a bunch of small right-wing parties had to...
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Ayelet Shaked will head joint electoral list of right-wing parties

JERUSALEM (JTA) — The head of the Union of Right-Wing Parties, Rafi Peretz, will turn over the reins of a joint electoral list to New Right Party leader Ayelet Shaked. Peretz made the announcement Sunday afternoon in a tweet.

“We agreed that out of national responsibility and concern for the...
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Yitzhak Rabin’s granddaughter joins new political party of Ehud Barak

JERUSALEM (JTA) — The granddaughter of the assassinated prime minister Yitzhak Rabin, saying “I can’t sit on the sidelines anymore,” will join the new political party of former prime minister Ehud Barak.

Noa Rothman, 43, is an author, screenwriter, attorney and mother of three, and perhaps is best known for...
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Israel will hold new elections after Netanyahu fails to form coalition

(JTA) — For the first time in its history, Israel will hold a second national election in one year, four months after the last election in April.

The Israeli Knesset voted at midnight Thursday to dissolve itself, triggering elections on Sept. 17. The unprecedented vote happened after Prime Minister Benjamin...
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New Israeli elections loom with Netanyahu still unable to form a coalition

JERUSALEM (JTA) — As Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu struggles to form a new government, President Reuven Rivlin said he would not stand in the way of new elections in Israel.

Meanwhile, the head of the center-right Kulanu party, Moshe Kahlon, agreed on Tuesday to run on a joint slate with...
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Rivlin process to form Israeli government will be transparent

(TPS) — Israel’s President Reuven Rivlin on Monday will begin consultations with the political parties that were elected in last week’s elections to the Knesset.

Once Rivlin receives the official results of the elections from Judge Hanan Melcer, the chairman of the elections committee on Wednesday, he will consider if...
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The kids are all right-wing: How Israel’s younger voters have grown more conservative over time


(JTA) – Like lots of millennials who have catapulted to fame, May Golan got her start on the internet, blogging about life in her South Tel Aviv neighborhood. From there she gained a platform as a social activist, with 25,000 followers on Facebook and...
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Here are the issues Israelis had in mind when voting


(JTA) — Benjamin Netanyahu won the election. Benny Gantz, his rival, came close but lost. That much we know.

But why did Israelis vote the way they did on Tuesday? What issues drove the prime minister’s victory?

We took a look at a recent survey that examined Israeli...
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Netanyahu’s re-election reveals sharpening Israel divide between Republicans and Democrats


WASHINGTON (JTA) — Benjamin Netanyahu’s re-election Tuesday as the prime minister of Israel brought to a boil the simmering divides among Republicans and Democrats over the longtime leader’s nation.

President Donald Trump, a Republican, celebrated the victory as a win for peace. Democrats suggested it would be...
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