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Israeli mother of 6 found dead in West Bank woods in suspected terrorist attack

(JTA) — An Israeli mother of six was found dead in a woods near her West Bank home in what police believe may have been a terrorist attack.

Many of the details about the death of 52-year-old Esther Horgen near Tal Menashe, a small town in the northern tip of the West Bank, are subject to a gag order imposed by a court shortly after her body was discovered Monday...

It’s (almost) official: As key deadline approaches, Israel on verge of 4th elections in 2 years

(JTA) — Barring an unexpected last-minute deal, Israel’s government will likely dissolve this week after a bill to delay a crucial budget deadline was scrapped late Monday night.

The lack of a deal, or a delayed deadline, means the country appears to be headed toward its fourth election in two years. The new election would likely take place on March 23, 2021.

The deadline was for the parliament, the Knesset,...

Over 50,000 Israelis have already visited the UAE since peace deal signing

(JTA) — Over 50,000 Israelis have visited the United Arab Emirates since the recent normalization pact between Israel and the UAE, according to a report this week in The Washington Post.

That number is the result of only two weeks of open commercial flights between the countries, which agreed to open the diplomatic and tourism floodgates in a historic agreement signed in August. Tens of thousands more were expected to visit...

Democratic centrists succeed pro-Israel stalwarts Engel and Lowey as chairs of key House panels

WASHINGTON (JTA) — Democratic Party centrists with solid Israel bona fides defeated progressives as the chairs of two key House committees, succeeding pro-Israel stalwarts Eliot Engel and Nita Lowey.

Rep. Gregory Meeks of New York will replace Engel, also of New York, as chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee. Engel, for decades one of the Democrats closest to the centrist and right-wing pro-Israel communities, was defeated in a primary by...

Israel looks headed for more elections as Benny Gantz backs bill to dissolve parliament

(JTA) – Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz said Tuesday that his party will back a bill crafted by the opposition in parliament to dissolve the government, likely sending Israel to its fourth election in two years.

The votes from Gantz’s Blue and White would provide the needed votes for the measure to pass in the Knesset.

Gantz and Benjamin Netanyahu, the prime minister, formed a unity government earlier this year by agreeing...

Six weeks ago, Facebook announced a ban on Holocaust denial. It’s still easy to find.


(JTA) — As of Wednesday afternoon, one of the first results in a Facebook search for “Holohoax” — a term popular with Holocaust deniers — was a post decrying “Zionist White Jewish Supremacist Child murdering Apartheid State, Talmudic Satanic Holohoax promoters.”

Right below it was a video, posted by a group with more than 6,000 followers, captioned “Research: Holohoax and Jew world order.”

These results showed up...

Jonathan Pollard is freed of restrictions, may travel to Israel


WASHINGTON (JTA) — Almost 35 years to the day after his arrest outside the Israeli embassy in Washington DC, Jonathan Pollard was granted the freedom to do what he wanted that day — travel to Israel.

Pollard’s lawyers announced Friday that the U.S. Parole Commission had lifted remaining restrictions on him, five years after he was paroled from federal prison, and 35 years since his Nov. 21,...

Top Pentagon adviser has said ‘Israeli lobby’ funds government officials who want war


WASHINGTON (JTA) — Douglas Macgregor, a top adviser to President Donald Trump’s new acting defense secretary, routinely blames “the Israeli lobby” and “neocons” for pushing the United States into wars.

Trump last week in the wake of his loss in the presidential election to Joe Biden purged senior staff at the departments of Defense, State, and Homeland Security and named loyalists to the jobs. Among the new...

Report: Israeli agents assassinated al-Qaeda’s no. 2 in Iran

– Israeli operatives shot al-Qaeda’s second in command on the streets of Tehran on behalf of the United States, intelligence officials told The New York Times in a report published on Friday.

Abdullah Ahmed Abdullah, who went by the nom de guerre Abu Muhammad al-Masri, was one of the planners of the 1998 attacks on the U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania. He was shot in his car, together...

Rockets fired from Gaza, IDF attacks targets in response

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced a swift Israel Defense Forces (IDF) response to two rocket attacks overnight from Gaza.

While sparse on details, the prime minister indicated that the IDF struck back at targets it labeled as Hamas “infrastructures & military posts.”

Speaking at the start of his weekly Cabinet meeting, Netanyahu issued a stern warning to the terrorists responsible for launching the rockets.

“I warn the terrorist organizations...