Kerry: Full Turkey-Israel reconciliation would help peace bid

(JTA) — U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry called on Israel and Turkey to reconcile completely, saying it would help with peacemaking in the Middle East.

“With respect to the Israel-Turkey track, it is not for the United States to be setting conditions or terms,” Kerry said Sunday in Istanbul...
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Israeli websites, Facebook pages hit in ‘OpIsrael’ hacking attacks

JERUSALEM (JTA) — No Israeli government and defense sites appear to have been brought down by hackers in the “OpIsrael” attack, but some reportedly were affected for brief periods.

On Saturday, the international hacking group Anonymous claimed to have hacked some 19,000 Israeli Facebook accounts, and by the next morning...
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Rockets fired from Gaza for third day

JERUSALEM (JTA) — A rocket fired from Gaza struck southern Israel, the third consecutive day that rockets have been fired at Israel from the coastal strip.

Several rockets were fired from Gaza on Thursday morning; only one landed in an open area in southern Israel. The rest exploded within Gaza’s...
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Anat Kamm sues Haaretz for exposing her as source

JERUSALEM (JTA) — Anat Kamm, the Israeli soldier who was jailed for turning classified Israeli military documents over to a reporter, is suing the Israeli daily Haaretz and journalist Uri Blau for revealing her identity.

Kamm filed a lawsuit Thursday with the Tel Aviv District Court, asking for $716,000 and...
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Computer virus targets Israeli Facebook users

JERUSALEM (JTA) — A computer virus attacked thousands of Israeli Facebook subscribers days before a threatened mass cyber attack on Israeli websites.

More than 2,000 Israeli Facebook users clicked on the malicious link Wednesday; 14,500 users worldwide clicked on the link. Nearly 4,000 Israeli Facebook users also shared the link...
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Palestinian prisoners in Israel launch hunger strike over dead inmate

JERUSALEM (JTA) — More than 4,500 Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails launched a hunger strike over the death of a Palestinian inmate from cancer.

The inmates sent back their food on Wednesday morning to protest the death of Maysara Abuhamdieh, 64, from esophageal cancer. Many also had sent back their...
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Stephen Hawking to visit Israel for conference

JERUSALEM (JTA) — British astrophysicist Stephen Hawking will visit Israel in June to participate in President Shimon Peres’ annual “Facing Tomorrow” conference.

Hawking’s participation was confirmed Wednesday by The Jerusalem Post.

Hawking, head of the practical mathematics and physics department at Cambridge University, last visited Israel in 2006 at the...
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Report: Shalit could have avoided capture

(JTA) — Gilad Shalit’s capture was the result of his operational failures and those by other members of his tank crew, interviews with Shalit revealed.

Shalit, the only member of a three-man crew who survived a cross-border, guerrilla-style attack on June 25, 2006 by armed Palestinians from Gaza, failed to...
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Alleged terrorist network captured in Nazareth

(JTA) — Israeli security forces arrested and indicted some 30 Palestinians from the Bethlehem area who are suspected of belonging to a terrorist network.

The defendants were arrested in January and February in Beit Fajar, a village near the Palestinian city, Army Radio reported March 28 following the expiration of...
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Fewer Israelis see Obama as pro-Palestinian

(JTA) — The number of Israelis who view President Obama as pro-Palestinian dropped by 20 percent following his first presidential visit to Israel, according to a new poll.

In the poll conducted March 24 by Smith Research for the Jerusalem Post, 27 percent of 500 Israeli respondents said they considered...
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