Israeli girl, 3, injured after car hit with rocks in West Bank

JERUSALEM (JTA) — A three-year-old Israeli girl was in critical condition after a car accident in the West Bank caused by rocks thrown by Palestinians.

A car driven by a woman and her three young daughters veered off course March 14 after being hit by a rock and crashing into...
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Streisand to perform two stadium concerts in Tel Aviv

JERUSALEM (JTA) — Barbra Streisand will perform two Tel Aviv concerts in Israel in addition to performing at the 90th birthday celebration for President Shimon Peres.

The concerts will take place June 15-16 at Tel Aviv’s Bloomfield Stadium, the Israel media reported.

On June 18, Streisand will perform at the...
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Tel Aviv Marathon cancelled due to heat

JERUSALEM (JTA) — The full Tel Aviv Marathon, which was postponed a week due to oppressive heat, was canceled.

The Tel Aviv municipality nixed the marathon on Monday, four days before the 26-mile race, after Israel’s Health Ministry said the forecast for hot and drier than normal weather would endanger...
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Kippa Man settles suits over Spider-Man and Batman

JERUSALEM (JTA) — A Jerusalem shop settled out of court with two comic book companies that charged it sells unlicensed kippahs bearing the images of Superman and Spider-Man.

Avi Binyamin, owner of the Kippa Man store on Ben Yehuda Street in central Jerusalem, will pay Marvel Comics and Warner Brothers...
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Visa woes keep Miss Israel from U. S. event

(JTA) — Miss Israel, Yityish Aynaw, could not get a visa on time to attend a Friends of the Israel Defense Forces event in New York.

“We had just three days to issue a visa,” an organizer for last week’s event was quoted by the Israeli news website Ynet as...
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Israel’s Knesset approves new government

JERUSALEM (JTA) – Israel’s Knesset approved the country’s 33rd government.The lawmakers approved the new government on Monday by a vote of 68 to 48, with four absent.

Following the vote, the government ministers were sworn in individually, each promising to be faithful to the State of Israel and its laws,...
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Americans backing Israel in ever-growing numbers, poll show

(JTA) — Americans’ sympathies lean heavily toward Israel over the Palestinians in the highest level of support seen in 22 years. According to data gleaned from Gallup’s 2013 World Affairs poll, 64 percent of Americans support Israel over the Palestinians, with 12 percent backing the Palestinians over Israel. The last...
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Ehud Barak leaves Israel politics – for now

JERUSALEM (JTA) — Ehud Barak stepped down as Israeli defense minister at an official farewell event. Barak, 71, who served as defense minister for six years, announced in November that he would leave political life. He told CNN recently that he would stay away from politics for at least five years.

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Oppressive heat postpones Tel Aviv Marathon

JERUSALEM (JTA) — The Tel Aviv Marathon was postponed for one week because of expected oppressive heat in Israel. The Tel Aviv municipality announced Tuesday that the full 26-mile marathon scheduled for Friday would be postponed because of the expected extreme high heat and in accordance with the instructions of...
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Netanyahu threatens to turn to haredi Orthodox parties for coalition

JERUSALEM (JTA) — The Likud party, citing what it called “excessive demands” from Yesh Atid, threatened to launch government coalition negotiations with the haredi Orthodox parties.

The impasse with the Yesh Atid party prevented Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu from introducing his new government on Wednesday, as he had planned.

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