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Israel military court indicts alleged killer of Eviatar Borovsky

JERUSALEM (JTA) — An Israeli military court indicted a West Bank Palestinian man for the April murder of Eviatar Borovsky.

Salam Zagal of Tulkarem was indicted on Wednesday for the murder of Borovsky of the West Bank settlement of Itamar. Zagal allegedly stabbed Borovsky to death as the father of five waited at a bus stop at the Tapuach Junction. Border Police officers shot Zagal at the scene of the...

Video surfaces of female Israeli soldiers pole dancing

JERUSALEM (JTA) — A video of female Israeli soldiers dancing suggestively was uploaded to the Internet a week after photos of half-naked female soldiers made headlines.

The video taken on a cellphone shows the soldiers using their rifles as stripper poles and spanking each other. The soldier filming the video is heard saying she would upload the video to Facebook and tag the dancers.

The soldiers’ faces can be seen...

Mossad chief, Turkish intelligence officials meet in Ankara

JERUSALEM (JTA) — The head of Israel’s Mossad secret service and a Turkish intelligence official met in Ankara and reportedly discussed the current protests in Turkey.

Along with talking about the protests, Tamir Pardo and the Turkish agency’s undersecretary, Hakan Fidan, on Monday discussed the threats from Syria and Iran, according to the Turkish daily Hurriyet.

Part of the meeting also focused on intelligence sharing between the two countries.


U.S. embassy in Israel urges citizens to stay away from Golan

JERUSALEM (JTA) — The U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv issued a security warning advising U.S. citizens to defer travel to the Golan Heights because of the civil war in Syria.

Dated June 6 but e-mailed Monday to U.S. citizens in Israel, the advisory was issued due to “fighting between Syrian opposition forces and the Syrian military in the central portion of the Disengagement Zone in the Golan Heights near the...

Women added to rabbinical judge selection committee

JERUSALEM (JTA) — Four spots on the committee that appoints religious judges in Israel will be reserved for women under a new Knesset law.

The bill giving women guaranteed representation on the Selection Committee for Rabbinical Judges passed its second and third reading in the Israeli parliament on Tuesday over strong opposition from haredi Orthodox parties.

The four female committee members will come from the government, the Knesset and the...

Report: Unofficial construction freeze in eastern Jerusalem

JERUSALEM (JTA) — An unofficial freeze in housing starts in eastern Jerusalem is “a temporary hiatus,” Yisrael Beiteinu party head Avigdor Lieberman told an Israeli newspaper.

Army Radio, citing government statistics and the Yesha settlers council, reported Monday that no new housing projects have been started in eastern Jerusalem since the start of 2013.

The number of housing starts in West Bank settlements has risen significantly, however.

Lieberman, the former...

Border clashes may make it hard for Israel to steer clear of Syria conflict


JERUSALEM (JTA) — For much of the past two years, Israel has taken a singular approach to the Syrian civil war: Stay as far away as possible.

But with a recent string of victories by forces loyal to President Bashar Assad and the crumbling of the U.N. peacekeeping force that has kept the peace along the border for four decades, the tack is becoming considerably harder.


Thousands attend gay pride parade in Tel Aviv

(JTA) — Tens of thousands of people joined in Tel Aviv’s annual Gay Pride Parade, the first after arrests were made in the 2009 double murder at a gay community center.

Israeli media reported that the parade last Friday was the first time in four years that police did not send undercover detectives to mingle with the crowd.

Police sources told Army Radio that the removal of the detectives was...

Netanyahu: Israel won’t intervene in Syria if not targeted

JERUSALEM (JTA) — Israel will not intervene in the Syrian civil war if Israel is not targeted, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said. Netanyahu also told his Cabinet at its weekly meeting Sunday that the situation in Syria shows Israel cannot depend on others for  its security.

Netanyahu said the Syria situation is “becoming daily more complex.”

“Only last week, we saw battles close to our border on the Golan Heights,” he...

Austrian peacekeepers quitting U.N. force amid heavy fighting at Syria-Israel border

JERUSALEM (JTA) — Austria withdrew its soldiers from the U.N. peacekeeping force on the Golan Heights following battles between Syrian troops and rebels.

On Thursday, Austria said it would be withdrawing its 380 soldiers — more than one-third of the U.N. Disengagement Observer Force that has been stationed on the Golan for 40 years.

Israel’s Foreign Ministry called on the U.N. to maintain security at the border.

“While appreciating Austria’s...