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Israel becomes first country to begin giving third COVID vaccine shots


(JTA) — Israel is the first country to start giving a third dose of the COVID vaccine shot to its population in an effort to stem the spread of the Delta variant.

Those older than 60 are the first to get the booster from health care providers. President Isaac Herzog was among the first in that group. Benjamin Netanyahu, the former prime minister and current leader of...

Ben & Jerry’s board chair says ‘I am not anti-Semitic’ as Unilever disavows BDS movement


(JTA) — One week after Ben & Jerry’s announced that it would stop selling ice cream in the “Occupied Palestinian Territory,” the company’s board chair for the first time publicly rejected the suggestion that the move was anti-Semitic.

And the brand’s parent company, Unilever, disavowed the movement to boycott Israel. The disavowal comes as Unilever faces the prospect of being penalized financially in states that have anti-boycott...

5 states are considering sanctions on Ben & Jerry’s after West Bank pullout


(JTA) — It has been a question insiders have posed all week: Could Ben & Jerry’s decision to stop selling its ice cream in the West Bank trigger many or all of the laws that U.S. states have passed in recent years to hurt the Israel boycott movement?

Well, five states are already looking into it.

Officials in Florida, Texas, New York, New Jersey and Illinois are...

Dani Dayan, former Israeli diplomat in NY and settler leader, picked to chair Israel’s Holocaust museum

(JTA) — Dani Dayan, Israel’s former consul general to New York and a past leader of Israel’s West Bank settlements, is the choice as the next chair of Yad Vashem, Israel’s Holocaust museum.

The announcement, reported by The Jerusalem Post, follows a controversy over who would succeed Avner Shalev as the head of the revered Israeli institution. Shalev is retiring after 27 years at the helm.

Last year, then-Prime Minister...

Two rockets fired from Lebanon into Israel, IDF responds with artillery fire

– The Israel Defense Forces shelled targets in Lebanon on Tuesday morning after two rockets were launched from Lebanon at northern Israel on Monday night.

Israel’s Iron Dome air-defense system downed one of the rockets, while the second fell in an open area, according to the military. No injuries or damage were reported, and the IDF Home Front Command issued no special guidelines for residents of the north.


The AP predicts that Israel will win 7 Olympic medals. That would make history.


(JTA) — Will it be a historic Olympics for Israel? The Associated Press thinks so.

On its list of predicted medalists for each event in Tokyo published Monday, the news agency includes seven Israeli athletes. The Jewish state has won nine medals in its entire Olympics history. This year, Israel is sending its largest delegation of athletes by far — 90, compared to its previous high of...

How the Jewish world is responding to Ben & Jerry’s decision to exit Israeli settlements


(JTA) — Kosher supermarkets are rethinking their inventory. Politicians are emptying their freezers. And the foreign minister of Israel is vowing to get involved in local US politics.

The reactions were all part of the firestorm that quirky ice cream manufacturer Ben & Jerry’s set off Monday morning with its announcement that it would no longer sell ice cream in “Occupied Palestinian Territory.” 

The Vermont-based company, founded...

Ben & Jerry’s ice cream announces boycott of Israeli West Bank settlements

(JTA) — Following pressure from pro-Palestinian activists, Ben & Jerry’s announced Monday that it would stop selling ice cream in “Occupied Palestinian Territory.”

The Vermont-based ice cream brand said it would continue operating in Israel, suggesting that it is planning to pull its products from stores located in Israeli settlements in the West Bank. 

“We believe it is inconsistent with our values for Ben & Jerry’s ice cream to be...

Arabs clash with police on Temple Mount during Tisha B’Av

– Arabs hurled stones at Israeli security forces and shouted nationalist slogans on the Temple Mount on Sunday, hours before Jews began to visit the site to mark the fast day of Tisha B’Av.

The burst of violence, which according to Israel’s s Channel 12 began at around 5 a.m., was quickly dispersed by Border Police.

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett held an assessment of the situation on Sunday...

Mark Zuckerberg shared a photo of his dog wearing a yarmulke. It was hit with anti-Semitic comments.

(JTA) — Not even the CEO of Facebook’s dog is immune to online antisemitism.

Mark Zuckerberg posted a photo to his platform of his family pet — a Hungarian sheepdog named Beast — wearing a yarmulke and a canine-sized tallit, or Jewish prayer shawl, on Tuesday. The post was quickly inundated with comments, most of them pushing a pro-Palestinian message, despite the photo’s lack of Israel-related content.

Some of the...