Space IL to field Beresheet 2 lunar mission

Still reeling from the failure of its Beresheet moon mission last week, SpaceIL chairman Morris Kahn announced the establishment of Beresheet 2 on Saturday, April 13.

The first Beresheet mission ended unsuccessfully on Thursday when the craft, the first launched from under the auspices of Israel, crash-landed on the lunar...
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UPDATE: Airbnb will cancel its ban on West Bank settlement listings


(JTA) — In a reversal of a 2018 policy announcement, Airbnb will not remove West Bank settlement listings from its website.

The policy change came in a court settlement Monday between the vacation rental company and a dozen American Jewish plaintiffs who had sued the company, organized by...
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The kids are all right-wing: How Israel’s younger voters have grown more conservative over time


(JTA) – Like lots of millennials who have catapulted to fame, May Golan got her start on the internet, blogging about life in her South Tel Aviv neighborhood. From there she gained a platform as a social activist, with 25,000 followers on Facebook and...
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Here are the issues Israelis had in mind when voting


(JTA) — Benjamin Netanyahu won the election. Benny Gantz, his rival, came close but lost. That much we know.

But why did Israelis vote the way they did on Tuesday? What issues drove the prime minister’s victory?

We took a look at a recent survey that examined Israeli...
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Netanyahu’s re-election reveals sharpening Israel divide between Republicans and Democrats


WASHINGTON (JTA) — Benjamin Netanyahu’s re-election Tuesday as the prime minister of Israel brought to a boil the simmering divides among Republicans and Democrats over the longtime leader’s nation.

President Donald Trump, a Republican, celebrated the victory as a win for peace. Democrats suggested it would be...
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Blue and White co-leaders concede defeat in Israel’s elections

JERUSALEM (JTA) — The leaders of the Blue and White party conceded defeat to Likud and said they would keep their coalition together in preparation for the next election.

Party co-leader Yair Lapid, who brought his Yesh Atid into Blue and White, said in a speech Wednesday night that his newly...
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Netanyahu wins narrow victory in Israel’s election


(JTA) — Benjamin Netanyahu appears likely to win a fifth term as Israel’s prime minister as right-wing parties have maintained their majority in nationwide elections on Tuesday.

With more than 95 percent of the vote counted, Netanyahu’s Likud party and the opposition Blue and White party are...
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Shalom Hartman Institute LIVE coverage of Israeli elections

A live broadcast covering the Israeli election results will be held today at the Shalom Hartman Institute. Led by Alan Abbey, the discussion shall commence at 1:30 p.m. CDT and continue until the results are considered final.

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Netanyahu’s promise to annex the West Bank settlements, explained


(JTA) — Just days before Israel was to hold national elections, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu promised to annex parts of the West Bank as Israeli territory.

“I’m going to extend sovereignty,” he said in an interview with Israeli Channel 12 on Saturday night, adding that “I don’t differentiate...
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The final polls are in and Israel’s election is a nail-biter


JERUSALEM (JTA) — The final polls before Israel’s national election on Tuesday show Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud Party running either neck-and-neck or up to five seats behind upstart challenger Benny Gantz’s Blue and White party.

The last polls were published on Friday, the last day...
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