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Everything you need to know about the Israeli government that will replace Benjamin Netanyahu


(JTA) — After 12 straight years as Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu is losing power — and the government that’s about to replace him is remarkable in its own right.

Netanyahu’s ouster is a huge deal on its own. Over the past decade-plus, as the country’s longest-serving leader, he has become nearly synonymous with Israel — shaping its foreign and domestic policy as well as its international...

Netanyahu’s opponents announce that they have formed a coalition to replace him


(JERUSALEM) — Benjamin Netanyahu will no longer be Israel’s prime minister, as his political opponents announced Wednesday night that they have formed a coalition that will replace him, pending a vote in Israel’s parliament.

The new coalition, dubbed the “change bloc,” is an ideologically broad alliance that spans the Israeli political right, center and left. For the first time in Israeli history, it will include an Arab-Israeli...

Issac Herzog is elected as 11th Israeli president

(JERUSALEM) – Issac Herzog, the chairman of The Jewish Agency for Israel was elected on Wednesday by the Knesset as the eleventh president of Israel.

A former government minister and past Leader of the Opposition, Herzog defeated Miriam Peretz in a secret ballot conducted in the Knesset. Herzog received 87 votes for president, while Peretz garnered 27. Herzog  follows President Reuven Rivlin, whose term of office expires in July.


Diverse group of Israeli parties agree to form coalition and oust Netanyahu


(JTA) — Naftali Bennett, the right-wing leader of an ultranationalist party, accepted an offer from centrist Yair Lapid to lead a new Israeli government, which if the agreement holds would oust Benjamin Netanyahu from power after a record 12 years as prime minister.

“I will do whatever I can to establish a national unity government with my friend Yair Lapid, to save the country from chaos and...

Patti Smith and Julian Casablancas among over 600 musicians to call for boycott of Israel

(JTA) — Patti Smith and Julian Casablancas of The Strokes are among the more than 600 musicians who have signed a letter calling for artists to avoid playing concerts in Israel.

“We call on you to join us with your name in refusing to perform at Israel’s complicit cultural institutions,” says the letter, which began circulating Thursday in media reports.

It claims Israel committed war crimes in its recent fighting...

Biden administration adds $38.5 million in assistance to the Palestinians


(JTA) — The Biden administration increased its assistance to Palestinians by $38.5 million in the wake of the latest Gaza war and pledged to abide by U.S. laws that would keep the money from going to terrorists.

On Wednesday, Secretary of State Antony Blinken outlined the additional funds that the administration plans to steer to the Palestinians. His statement came a day after Blinken concluded his trip...

5 Israelis from one family among 14 dead in cable car crash in Italy

(JTA) — Fourteen people, including five members of an Israeli family, were killed Sunday in a cable car accident in northern Italy.

The accident near Lake Maggiore claimed the lives of husband and wife Amit Biran, 30, and Tal Peleg-Biran, 26; their 2-year-old, Tom; and two of Peleg-Biran’s grandparents, Barbara and Yitzhak Cohen, aged 71 and 81, from Tel Aviv. Another son, Eitan, 5, was one of two surviving children...

Israel is ending its COVID restrictions and starting to allow tourists back

(JTA) — Israel will end its coronavirus restrictions on businesses and allow small groups of foreign tourists to visit within weeks in the wake of the world’s quickest vaccination program.

Health Minister Yuli Edelstein said Sunday that he will not renew any coronavirus limitations in June. According to Reuters, the country saw only 12 new COVID-19 cases on Saturday, in contrast to a high of 10,000 per day in January.


The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has torn apart Chicago’s biggest Facebook moms group


(JTA) — The tens of thousands of Chicago mothers in a private Facebook group called MamaHive typically post about sleepless babies, strollers and playgroups.

But on Sunday night, with the latest conflict between Israel and Hamas in Gaza entering its second week, a post went up that broke the mold.

“We, the admins of MamaHive Chicago, take a strong stance against the terroristic acts being committed against...

Hamas-Israel ceasefire expected to take effect on Friday, IDF ratchets up military successes


– As multiple media reports of a ceasefire taking effect on Friday surfaced on Thursday, Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad continued to fire on southern Israeli cities, towns and villages throughout the day, while the Israeli Air Force struck targets it detected in real time.

As of 7 p.m. Israeli time on Thursday, Gaza’s terror factions had fired 4,340 rockets towards the Jewish state since...