Kosher agency says it can no longer vouch for Starbucks stores

(JTA) — Kosher observers who pick up their coffee at Starbucks may need to look elsewhere for their caffeine fix.

A kosher-certifying agency said it can no longer vouch for the kashrut of many beverages served by the coffee giant. The Star-K agency said this week that it was ending...
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Brett Kavanaugh nomination sets up battles over abortion, health care and religion

(JTA) — President Donald Trump nominated Brett Kavanaugh, a federal appeals court judge in Washington, D.C., to replace Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy upon his retirement at the end of July.

The pick, as expected, disappointed liberals concerned about reproductive rights and civil liberties but was welcomed by conservatives as an...
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Swastikas found again in Connecticut town

(JTA) — Swastikas were discovered carved into picnic tables in the Connecticut town of Ridgefield, which has been the site of similar incidents over the past 18 months.

The swastikas were discovered last month, according to local reports.

In January, five swastikas were found drawn outside the Masonic Lodge and...
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Max Fuchs, US soldier who led historic Jewish service in Germany during WWII, dies at 96

NEW YORK (JTA) — Max Fuchs, an American soldier who helped lead a historic Jewish religious service in Germany during World War II, has died.

Fuchs, an Army rifleman who led the 1944 Shabbat service in Aachen alongside Army chaplain Rabbi Sidney Lefkowitz, for some 50 Jewish-American soldiers, died Tuesday, according...
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Retiring Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy’s Jewish legacy


NEW YORK (JTA) — Not an hour after Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement as associate justice on the Supreme Court, the National Council of Jewish Women tweeted its dismay.

“Justice Kennedy’s retirement could drastically shift the balance of the Supreme Court, and threaten the very rights and...
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American-Israeli man convicted for JCC bomb threats

(JTA) — A 19-year-old American-Israeli man was convicted of making hundreds of bomb threats to Jewish community centers and  Jewish schools in the United States, as well as airlines.

Michael Kadar, who holds dual U.S.-Israeli citizenship and whose name is barred from publication in Israel, was convicted Thursday in Tel...
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After banning Jewish flags last year, Chicago Dyke March displays Palestinian flags

(JTA) — The Chicago Dyke March, a queer pride parade, prominently featured Palestinian flags one year after ejecting marchers waving Jewish flags.

Participants in Sunday’s march can be seen waving Palestinian flags in a video posted by the Windy City Times, a newspaper serving Chicago’s LGBT community. Marchers also waved...
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Presbyterian Church USA is critical of Israel, but urges ‘reconciliation’ between Jews and Palestinians

(JTA) — The Presbyterian Church USA passed several resolutions critical of Israel at its biennial General Assembly, including one that opposes laws in the United States meant to counter boycotts of Israel and a one-sided critique of Israeli policy in Gaza.

However, delegates also approved resolutions encouraging reconciliation between Israelis...
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Trump signs order ending family separation policy

(JTA) — President Donald Trump signed an executive order that will end the separation of migrant families on the southern U.S. border.

The order, signed Wednesday, will lead instead to families being detained together as adults are criminally prosecuted for crossing the border. More than 2,000 children have been separated...
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Commentary magazine sees a new split in the black-Jewish alliance


NEW YORK (JTA) — Commentary, the conservative Jewish magazine, weighed in on black-Jewish relations in its June issue, and some are crying foul.

The issue features articles on Black Lives Matter, intersectionality and anti-Semitism in the black community, but it is its stark cover — featuring the words...
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