Poway shooting victims and survivors sue gunmaker, alleged shooter and his parents

(JTA) — Victims and survivors of the shooting attack on the Chabad of Poway have filed a lawsuit against the gunmaker Smith & Wesson and the gun store in San Diego that sold the suspected shooter his firearm.

The lawsuit, filed Monday in San Diego Superior Court by the gun...
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Chelsea Handler deletes video clip of Louis Farrakhan that included her defense of his anti-Semitism

(JTA) — Chelsea Handler deleted a video clip of Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan that the Jewish comedian posted on Instagram, including a defense of Farrakhan’s virulent anti-Semitism.

Handler had come under criticism in the comments to her post of Sunday, which was deleted without explanation on Tuesday. She...
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Full text of the letter from House Democrats warning Israel about annexation of the West Bank

WASHINGTON (JTA) — Four Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives are circulating a letter among their colleagues that would warn Israel of the perils of annexation. The full text is below.

Dear Colleague,

Recent reports indicate the Israeli government may soon consider annexation in the West Bank. We believe...
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House Democrats push new letter aimed at unifying the party behind an anti-West Bank annexation message to Israel


WASHINGTON (JTA) — House Democrats have put together a letter that they hope will unite their entire caucus in warning Israel against annexation of part of the West Bank.

The letter, now circulating among the party’s House caucus and obtained exclusively by the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, warns...
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Open letter calls on Jewish organizations to endorse Black Lives Matter

(JTA) — An open letter organized by three Jewish activists is calling on the Jewish community to take a number of actions, including endorsing Black Lives Matter and increasing diversity within organizations, to fight racism.

Published Friday, the letter has been signed by 52 people affiliated with Jewish organizations and...
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Calls to defund the police put Jewish institutions in a tough position


(JTA) — When Rabbi Capers Funnye attends a synagogue that’s not his own, he must brace himself for the reaction that he knows will follow after he walks through the door. 

Even though he comes in wearing a kippah and holding a prayer shawl, Funnye knows that...
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Alumni call on Jewish day schools to do more to fight racism


(JTA) – When Ilana Goldberg scrolled through Instagram last Tuesday, much of her feed consisted of black squares as part of an initiative called #BlackoutTuesday to honor the Black Lives Matter movement.

Then she saw a photo of student artwork posted by the Jewish Community High School...
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Boston federation lays off 25 employees amid economic crisis

(JTA) – Combined Jewish Philanthropies, Boston’s Jewish federation, has laid off 25 employees as it plans for a year of decreased donations and increased need for services.

The move, which was announced in an email sent to community members earlier this month, follows widespread layoffs at Jewish organizations across the country.

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Doubling down on anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, rapper Ice Cube tweets again — and faces a backlash

(JTA) — Two days after being criticized for tweeting a mural some have called anti-Semitic, the rapper Ice Cube was back at it on Wednesday, tweeting images associated with multiple conspiracy theories — and facing open criticism from other celebrities.

One image is of a Star of David with a...
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US sanctions ICC officials pushing war crimes’ investigation against allies

The Trump administration authorized sanctions against International Criminal Court (ICC) officials who are investigating alleged war crimes against the United States and its allies, including Israel.

The administration also authorized visa restrictions on Thursday against ICC officials and their family members.

The ICC, which U.S. Secretary of...
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