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He was sentenced to life in prison. Rescue dogs — and a rabbi — helped him find redemption.

By Alix Wall

VACAVILLE, Calif. (JTA) – Soon after Jon Grobman was released from prison, where he had once thought he would die, he headed back inside voluntarily — this time with canine sidekicks. Grobman was returning as the newest hire of a nonprofit group, Paws for Life K9 Rescue, that had been instrumental in his own long and difficult road to redemption. Grobman won’t easily forget the words of...

Israeli Supreme Court rules that Jews of Morocco are ineligible for Holocaust compensation


(JTA) — Israel’s Supreme Court rejected a lawsuit seeking to recognize Jews who suffered under Vichy race laws in Morocco as Holocaust victims entitled to state compensation payments on Thursday, according to a report in Haaretz.

A panel of three justices refused to hear the case, upholding a lower court’s ruling that the discrimination against Jews enacted in Morocco during World War II by Nazi-aligned Vichy France...

GOP congressman compares COVID measures to Holocaust, prompting an intern’s resignation


(JTA) — Kentucky Rep. Thomas Massie was far from the first Republican lawmaker to compare public health measures aimed at curbing the spread of COVID-19 to the Holocaust when he posted an image of a tattooed wrist on Twitter on Wednesday.

Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert have also done so, along with several lower-level officials who have made similar comparisons across the country in recent...

Parole board votes to release Sirhan Sirhan, who killed Robert Kennedy for his pro-Israel views


(JTA) — California’s parole board recommended the release of Sirhan Sirhan, the Jerusalem-born assassin who changed history when he shot to death Robert Kennedy in 1968 just as he appeared set to secure the Democratic presidential nomination.

The board said Friday that Sirhan, 77, was repentant and unlikely to re-offend. Sirhan’s death sentence was commuted in 1972 to life after the state abolished the death penalty.


IDF launches retaliatory strike on Hamas targets in Gaza Strip after arson attacks, border riots

– The Israel Defense Forces conducted airstrikes against Hamas targets early on Sunday in response to incendiary balloon attacks and violent riots along the Gaza fence.

Fighter jets attacked a Hamas military compound used for training and the production of weapons, and a tunnel near the Jabalya, just north of Gaza City, the IDF reported.

The border riots began at 8:00 p.m. on Saturday, Channel 12 reported, with rioters burning...

Tropical Storm Ida forms in Gulf; expected to strengthen to hurricane

What had once been an area of disturbed weather with little closed circulation to mark it as a tropical disturbance quickly turned into a disorganized tropical storm named Ida on Thursday afternoon.

Weather forecasters say conditions are right for further formation of the system into a major hurricane later today or tomorrow as the system will use the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico to fuel it even further...

Israel’s Chief Rabbinate calls on Pope Francis to clarify comments on Torah and Jewish law


(JTA) — Israel’s Chief Rabbinate has asked Pope Francis to retract a recent comment about Jewish law that it said might lead Catholic listeners to “derogatory conclusions” about Jews. 

Rabbi Ratzon Arusi, chair of the Chief Rabbinate’s Commission for Interreligious Affairs, sent a letter to the Vatican expressing concerns about an Aug. 11 lecture there on God giving the Torah to the Jews, Reuters reported

Yair Lapid says the Holocaust ‘defined’ him. That’s adding fuel to the fire in Israel-Poland relations.


(JTA) — Israeli leaders rarely criticize a law passed by an ally government as outright “anti-Semitic.”

But that’s what Foreign Minister Yair Lapid did on Aug. 14 in response to a newly passed law in Poland that indirectly makes it impossible for Jews and others to sue for property stolen from their families in World War II.

“Poland today approved — not for the first time — an...

Naftali Bennett: Israel will neither annex territory nor establish a Palestinian state while I am prime minister


(JTA) — Ahead of his first meeting as prime minister with President Joe Biden, Naftali Bennett of Israel said he would neither annex West Bank territory nor allow it to become a Palestinian state.

Bennett told The New York Times in an interview published Tuesday — two days before his arrival in Washington — that the left-to-right composition of his coalition government meant that drastic diplomatic moves in either...

Man wearing kippah beaten by a group of 10 attackers in Cologne, Germany

(JTA) — An 18-year-old Jewish man wearing a kippah in Cologne, Germany, was beaten by a group of 10 attackers in a public green space and taken to the hospital with a broken nose and cheekbone.

Police arrested two suspects in what they are deeming an antisemitic hate crime. The attack was captured on police surveillance video on Friday.

The suspects, ages 18 and 19, were released on Saturday on...