Kidnapping plot in Tunisia reportedly foiled

(JTA) — A network plotting to kidnap and ransom members of a southern Tunisia town’s Jewish community was broken up by the country’s national guard, a Tunisian newspaper reported. The network was started by a police officer who was formerly responsible for protecting the Jewish community, according to the report...
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Israeli startup Argo hopes to put paraplegics on their feet


YOKNE’AM ILIT, Israel (JTA) — Radi Kaiuf was serving in Lebanon in 1988 with the Israel Defense Forces’ Golani Brigade when, in the middle of an operation, he took two bullets to the stomach and one to the back. He was lucky to be alive, doctors said,...
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Morsi and Muslim Brotherhood: What to do about Egypt?


WASHINGTON (JTA) – Jewish groups looking for signals from Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi regarding his views were appalled when one finally came — in the form of a nod and what appeared to be a muttered “amen” to an imam’s call for God to “deal harshly” with...
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Jewish community bears brunt of Hurricane Sandy


NEW YORK (JTA) — Less than a year into her job at North Shore Synagogue in Syosset, N.Y., Rabbi Debbie Bravo sounded remarkably poised as she and her community face one of their most powerful challenges together: Hurricane Sandy.

Bravo’s land line was dead. When she picked...
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At height of storm, Jews took to the Internet to share stories and make appeals


NEW YORK (JTA) – At 10 p.m. on Monday, as the full brunt of Hurricane Sandy was bearing down on the northeastern United States, filmmaker Sandi Dubowski posted an urgent online message. DuBowski’s elderly parents had declined to leave their home in Manhattan Beach, a neighborhood of southern...
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Jewish Agency committee calls for new approach to prayer at Kotel

JERUSALEM (JTA) — A Jewish Agency committee has adopted a resolution calling for a “satisfactory approach” to prayer at the Western Wall. The resolution passed Tuesday during the Jewish Agency for Israel’s Board of Governors meeting in Tel Aviv, reads in part: “Whereas Jewish women and men, of all streams of Judaism,...
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Gates of Prayer trip to Israel gets ‘Sandy’ extension; Sabbath seder postponed

The citizens of New York City, the Jersey Shore, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington, D.C. are still reeling from the effects of what had formerly been Hurricane Sandy, but the effects of that storm have reached all the way to the Holy Land. Gates of Prayer members on a mission to...
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Metairie Chabad Center to offer new course on Tanya teachings

Rabbi Mendel Ceitlin of the Gerson Katz Chabad Center of Metairie has just announced a five-week education series that begins tomorrow, Wednesday, October 31. The course will be taught on successive Wednesday nights and based on texts derived from chapters 26 and 27 of the Tanya, written 200 years ago...
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Push for Cub Scout pack fizzles at Beth Israel

Efforts to organize a new Cub Scout pack at Congregation Beth Israel failed to achieve critical mass yesterday when Rabbi Uri Topolosky met with Southeast Louisiana Council’s Pelican District Executive Yoni Sunshine. Sunshine, an Israeli-born paid Scouting professional, organized a “roundup” of youth at the new synagogue, but parents and...
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Sandy spreading misery along the eastern seaboard

New Orleans residents have become quite adjusted to hurricanes and, sadly, so too have New Yorkers. While 2005, 2008 and 2012 brought Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, Hurricane Gustav and Hurricane Issac to the Big Easy, 2011 and 2012 have brought Hurricanes Irene and Sandy to the Big Apple.

Both New...
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