Israel population now nearly 8 million

JERUSALEM (JTA) — Israel’s population is nearing 8 million, up almost 100,000 from the end of 2011, according to data released on the eve of Rosh Hashanah. The Central Bureau of Statistics reported that the population of Israel stands at approximately 7,933,200; at the end of 2011 it was at 7.837...
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Obama, Netanyahu discuss Iran

WASHINGTON (JTA) — President Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke about Iran as the White House denied that the prime minister requested a Washington meeting. “The two leaders discussed the threat posed by Iran’s nuclear program, and our close cooperation on Iran and other security issues,” said a statement...
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Controversial movie director that sparked attacks not Israeli

(JTA) – The director of an anti-Islam film that helped spark attacks on U.S. diplomatic facilities that left the U.S. envoy to Libya dead is not Israeli as he claimed, a consultant to the film said. The Atlantic blogger Jeffrey Goldberg reported that a Steve Klein, a consultant to the controversial...
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Israel-U.S. tensions over Iran boiling over


WASHINGTON (JTA) — Between the red lines, the deadlines, the diplomacy and the dress downs, the vaunted cooperation between Israel and the United States on whether and when to strike Iran seems to be in a free fall.

In an unusually blunt outburst, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu...
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First Israeli gay couple seek divorce

JERUSALEM (JTA) — The first Jewish Israeli male couple to marry has filed for divorce in a Tel Aviv rabbinical court that never recognized the marriage. It is unknown if the rabbinical court will provide a divorce for Uzi Even, the first openly gay Knesset member, and Dr. Amit Kama,...
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Zionist Organization of America loses tax exempt status

WASHINGTON (JTA) — The Zionist Organization of America lost its tax exempt status due to a late filing of tax returns. The ZOA did not file returns for three consecutive years, the Forward reported Tuesday. Morton Klein, the ZOA’s president, confirmed to JTA that the organization has not been tax exempt since...
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Rabbi David Nesenoff appears tonight at Metairie Chabad event

Over two years ago Rabbi David Nesenoff in tow with his teenage son Adam accepted an invitation to Jewish Heritage Day at the White House. At the time he had no idea they were about to alter history or have a hint this trip might lead to his embarking on...
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Israeli planes hit Gaza terror sites in response to rocket attacks

JERUSALEM (JTA) — Israeli airstrikes hit four terror-related Gaza sites. The early Monday morning strikes by the Air Force on a weapon manufacturing facility, a terror activity site and a terror tunnel in the northern Gaza Strip, as well as a smuggling tunnel in the southern Gaza Strip, were in “direct...
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Rabbi Linden, others commit to daily Talmud study


BALTIMORE (JTA) – Watching coverage of the Siyum HaShas celebration in New Jersey this summer, Rabbi Ethan Linden said he wasn’t impressed by the spectacle of 90,000 Jews packed into a football stadium glorifying Talmud study. Rather, Linden said, he was impressed by the discipline: the daily...
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In the debate heating up on Iran attack, a who’s who of the players


JERUSALEM (JTA) — The debate over an Israeli strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities has heated up in recent weeks, with several current and former Israeli security chiefs coming out against an attack. Here are some of the debate’s most prominent figures, plus what President Obama and his...
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