Thursday, September 23rd 2021   |

Letters to the Editor

Hadassah national president expresses concern about attacks in Israel

Dear Editor:

Thank you for your coverage of Vice President Joseph Biden’s trip to Israel and for reporting his recent condemnation of the latest horrifying attacks against Israelis that have persisted for nearly six months.

The terror attacks have spread to every corner of Israel. Israelis are on constant alert as they go about their lives—working, going to school, waiting for a bus, grocery shopping or walking...

Federation’s executive director clarifies position

Dear Editor:

We were concerned by a recent posting on your website concerning the apparent lack of cooperation in the community with the Crescent City Jewish News.

On behalf of the Jewish Federation of Greater New Orleans I would like to clarify.

Jewish Federation welcomes all media that promotes and publicizes the Jewish community in New Orleans. We happily cooperate with all media and give equal access to media representatives...

Calendar Coincidence

Dear Editor:

In 1776, Independence Day was observed on July 4 which was the 17th of Tammuz on the Jewish calendar. In a rare calendar convergence in 2015, we will be celebrate Independence Day on July 4 which is also the 17th of Tammuz.

In another Jewish connection to the Revolution, the Haftorah for Shabbat Balak (July 4) comes from Micah who wrote “They shall...

Yes was not a ‘niche art rock curiosity’

Dear Editor:

I recently came across Elyse Glickman’s article about Ryan (Rabin) being the son (of) Yes guitarist Trevor Rabin (“Grouplove’s Ryan Rabin: Strings, sticks and energy“), but for her to call Yes nothing but an”niche art rock curiosity” is a joke of the highest order.

Yes was one of the biggest stadium rock bands of the 70s. (They) hold the record for the most consecutive sold...

‘Legacy’ helps to reclaim confiscated property

Dear Editor,

I am head of “Legacy”, which is dealing with property claims and retrieval in Eastern Europe. “Legacy”, has dealt so far with more than 1000 applicants who in the last 10 years submitted claims for restitution of Jewish-owned property which was lost, confiscated or looted during WWII.

Many of our applicants obtained full ownership for their family assets. Some of those applicants have declined an offer for restitution...

Remembering Hannah Senesh

Dear Editor:

Friday, November 7, 2014 marks the 70th anniversary of the murder of Hannah Senesh at the hands of her fascist captors. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if temples and synagogues all across the globe could dedicate their Shabbat Eve services to memorializing this marvelous young woman?

She not only embodied bravery, patriotism and loyalty to both her comrades in arms and the Jewish people, she left behind a...

Hadassah president enjoys ‘Best of CCJN’ coverage

To the Editor:

A few days ago I picked up “The Best of Crescent City Jewish News” from Beth Israel synagogue. I really appreciate and love the coverage of the article “Hadassah Installs new slate of officers”.

It really couldn’t have been written better.

Thank you so much,

Ilana Reisin, President Greater New Orleans Chapter of Hadassah

Praise for ‘Best of the CCJN’

To the Editor:

Over the years we have watched how determined and engertically you have developed your reporting/writing career. The recent publication of “The Best of the Crescent City Jewish News” is really great. It is an amazing “diary” of the activities of our Jewish community for the entire 2013 year: every organization, synagogue, JCC, Federation, etc. event!

Good summaries and nice photos (too). I was especially touched by the...

Dr. Oz, a charlatan disguised as a physician

To the Editor:

Thank you for your timely postings of Jewish news, which I generally find thoughtful and useful. However, you recently featured a story about Dr. Oz visiting Israel. While I have no objection to stories about visiting Israel, I object to Dr. Oz. He is basically a charlatan, disguised as a physician.

He has achieved fame and fortune. He does this by dishing out advice. His “advice” might...

Rejoicing at the ouster of Egypt’s president

Dear Editor:

There is no reason for a long-winded article with a Jerusalem byline over the ouster of the Muslim Brotherhood, the ideological ally and successor of Nazi Germany.

Haj Amin El Husseini, Hitler’s ally and the Mufti of Jerusalem, played a decisive role in pioneering the Muslim Brotherhood, whose focus rests on an obsession with Israel’s destruction.

To witness the overthrow of the Muslim Brotherhood regime in Cairo is...