Thursday, September 23rd 2021   |

Letters to the Editor

Never on sundae?

Dear Editor: I’m sure you know that your conclusion that “Shavuot was always sundae” (See Shavuot poem, “Shavuot Sundae”) has profound historical and theological implications.

That was exactly the dispute between the Tzaddukim (“Sadducees,” those who denied the validity of the Oral Torah tradition) and the Perushim (“Pharisees,” our ancestors): The Tzaddukim believed that Shavuot was always Sunday based on their misunderstanding of a verse in the Torah, and the...

Hadassah president praises recent evaluation

Dear Editor:

I am pleased to announce that Hadassah has just received a four-star rating from Charity Navigator, America’s leading independent charity evaluator, in their annual evaluation. This is a significant affirmation of the financial and organizational viability of Hadassah Women Zionists Of America (HWZOA) and an important statement about our status vis-a-vis other charities in the United States. Check it out here.

Yasher Koach to all of us.


Did you see the Hadassah red shirts and blouses at the JCC on Sunday?

To the Editor:

On Sunday November 25th, when the New Orleans Jewish community gathered in support of the people and the State of Israel, the color red predominated. We wore red to show our connection to Hadassah, the Women’s Zionist Organization of America.

As I listened to our Louisiana senators, and local Jewish leaders declare that they would always have Israel’s back in its efforts to defend itself against enemies...

Where was the gender diversity?

To the Editor:

Thank you the informative article about the Orthodox-Conservative rabbis conference (“Orthodox-Conservative Conference”).  However, I could not help but notice that no female rabbis were included (unless the photograph was incomplete).   I understand that Orthodoxy does not ordain females, but my understanding is that the Conservative branch does. I suppose the organizers would counter that, since they drew their attendance from their colleagues at the seminaries...

Inspiring and Delightful Experience

Dear Editor:

What an inspiring and delightful afternoon you afforded me. I was quite impressed with the knowledge Michael Twitty displayed as well as his commitment to Judaism. You were a fabulous “tour guide” and “historian” and host for lunch at Kosher Cajun. I thank you so much for including me in this journey and for the opportunity to meet people like Mr. Twitty. Congratulations on your website. It will...