OP-ED: Is Resigning in Protest Becoming a Jewish Tradition?


With her recent resignation from The New York Times, Bari Weiss joined a small but distinguished group of American Jews who have resigned in protest from positions of stature, choosing to sacrifice their self-interest for the sake of principle.

Weiss, a prominent...
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OP-ED: As a former British lawmaker, I know that getting Twitter to crack down on hate speech will require governments to step up


DONCASTER, England (JTA) — On Monday at 9 a.m., along with thousands of others, I joined a 48-hour boycott of Twitter following the actions of a rapper I must admit never having heard of. Richard Cowie, aka Wiley, received the Music of Black Origin award for best...
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OP-ED: My mentor John Lewis was the embodiment of Jewish values


ATLANTA (JTA) — Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. once said that “the ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.” Rep. John Lewis never ran from challenge or controversy,...
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OP-ED: The BDS-BLM alignment: Implications for Israel and Diaspora Jewry


– The murder of George Floyd, a black American who was killed on May 25 while in police custody in Minneapolis triggered the most widespread racially charged protests in the United States and Europe since the 1960s. International protests over Floyd’s death,...
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OP-ED: I’m raising my children in a tight-knit Orthodox community. It’s an uphill battle to teach them anti-racism.


DALLAS (JTA) —  As a child, I spent most of my waking hours with two Black women who cared for seven Jewish children as if they were their own. I rode buses with them, navigated both secular city life and Jewish communal structures with them. Yet children...
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OP-ED: Are Jews obligated to support reparations for African-Americans?

(J – When writer Ta-Nehisi Coates made “The Case for Reparations” in The Atlantic in June 2014, few thought his idea had merit or had a chance of being put into effect. Six years later, the country is caught up in a moral panic about a perception that the United...
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OP-ED: Anti-Semitism and hate speech are rampant on Twitter. Policing Trump doesn’t solve the problem.


TEL AVIV (JTA) — President Donald Trump has a well-established reputation for being aggressive, petty and even at times completely incoherent on Twitter. On May 29, he crassly tweeted, “When the looting starts, the shooting starts,” a phrase used by a white police commissioner in regards to...
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OP-ED: Our synagogues’ names are on the Charlotte monument of Judah Benjamin. It’s time to take it down.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (JTA) — Over seventy years ago, Temple Beth El and Temple Israel in Charlotte were approached by the United Daughters of the Confederacy to support the placement of a monument dedicated to Judah P. Benjamin, a Southerner and a Jew, who played an important role in the Confederacy.

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OP-ED: My mom is white and my dad is black. Don’t call me a ‘Jew of Color.’


NEW YORK (JTA) — As a biracial Jew, there is an expectation that I must have something to say in this historic moment. Unlike at any other time in my life, people are treating my opinion as though it deserves a stage, or a glass case for passersby...
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OP-ED: When hatred of Israel is stronger than the coronavirus


Last month, I wrote about how Israel’s campus detractors were sidelined by the closure of the nation’s colleges.

Well, for some, hatred of Israel is stronger than the coronavirus.

The Associated Students of the University of California Davis (ASUCD) passed a resolution on June 4 supporting the antisemitic Boycott,...
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