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OP-ED: The real reason for Western support of the Palestinians


– Michael Oren, Israel’s former ambassador to the United States who is now a candidate to head the Jewish Agency, has rightly said that the decline in support for Israel among American Jews has reached a crisis point. The Jewish Agency, he said, “needs to bring young American Jews back from the brink.”

However, the Jewish Agency won’t address this problem by simply tackling American Jews....

OP-ED: The Sugihara Exclusion – Israel bites the hand that fed the Jews


– Recognizing a favor, hakkarat tov, is a highly treasured virtue in Jewish tradition. Israel purports to practice it in gushing gratitude to righteous gentiles. The few who sacrificed their own lives or livelihoods so as to rescue Jews fleeing Nazi brutality are given special place in Yad Vashem and in post-World War II histories.

Israel’s bureaucratic expertise is managing, however, to arm foes who...

OP-ED: Bloomberg News upends history to blame Israel for Hamas terrorism


– According to Bloomberg News, Hamas suicide bombing attacks were the result of Israel’s blockade of the Gaza Strip.

As Bloomberg’s CityLab journalist Zach Mortice put it his Sept. 27 story, “Why the Gaza Strip May Be the City of the Future”: “[S]ince 2007, after the political wing of the Islamist group Hamas was elected to power, Gaza has been under an Israeli blockade. In response, Hamas militants have...

OP-ED: ‘The Squad’ loves dead Jews; Support for Hamas implies nothing less


 “People Love Dead Jews: Reports from a Haunted Present” is the title of Dara Horn’s new book. I happened to receive a copy last week just as anti-Israel members of Congress were doing their best to ensure the proliferation of more endearing corpses.

In case you missed it: Last Wednesday, members of “The Squad,” far-left House Democrats including Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar and Alexandra...

OP-ED: Remembering our loved ones


Just one week ago, my family lost our matriarch, my mother, and I was reminded of the many ways our Jewish religion serves to honor our dead and to comfort the survivors who must carry on without them.

The most important aspect of understanding Jewish mourning is to understand that while individual family members grieve the loss, it is the responsibility of the entire community to open...

OP-ED: Is it time to say: ‘Who cares?’


– At the risk of putting a target on my back, it has occurred to me that the proper response for much of the anti-Israel activity on and off campus should be a combination of derision, counter-attack and neglect. I’ve been dealing with anti-Semitism, Israel denial and Middle East issues since my college days and, after more than 40 years, I have concluded that too...

OP-ED: The Agudah and Reform Judaism join forces


– We have witnessed a remarkable development as a result of the publication of an article by Rabbi Meir Soloveitchik in Commentary titled “The Real Truth About the Temple Mount,” which suggested that “the government of Israel owes it to its citizens, and thousands of years of Jewish history, to state unequivocally that the Temple Mount, and not the Western Wall, is the locus of Jewish longing.”...

OP-ED: The obligation to remember, even on a day when we look inward


 It comes in a part of the Yom Kippur service that even many of those who are more than three-day-a-year synagogue-goers often skip in the late afternoon as the daylong fast heads towards its conclusion. In the Ashkenazi prayer book for the Day of Atonement, the martyrology service—the centerpiece of which is the poem Eleh Ezkerah, “These I Will Remember”—follows the Avodah or the description...

OP-ED: The real lesson of 9/11 isn’t a story about Islamophobia

– One of the strangest aspects of post-9/11 America has been the compulsion of so many to change the narrative about the attacks that took place 20 years ago. We’re reminded of that due to the bizarre decision of the Anti-Defamation League to commemorate the attack on America by revisiting the organization’s decision to oppose the building of an Islamic center in the shadow of the fallen twin...

OP-ED: The high price of journalism

Hurricane Ida has made life difficult for hundreds of thousands of area residents who have gone without power for a week now.

The Crescent City Jewish News has attempted to keep up with all of the news, but it has proven difficult, given the limited number of staff it enjoys and the lack of communications affected by the passage of the storm system.

We were not here when Hurricane Katrina...