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OP-ED: A year like no other


When Rosh Hashanah 5780 arrived last year, there was little indication that our world would be so throughly upended as it was.

It started off promising. 

Continued progress in the business and financial sectors was evident as unemployment was down to historic low levels and commerce seemed to be making a comeback from the starts and stops of the Trump Era tariffs.

There was less talk about...

OP-ED: New Details on the UN BDS blacklist


– In a March 2020 interview posted on a fringe website, BDS activist Shir Hever revealed new details about the creation and operation of the United Nations’ BDS blacklist. (For information on the list, known in U.N. parlance as “database,” see NGO Monitor’s Key Issue page.)

Hever’s interview raises the standard BDS claims relating to the list: that doing business in conflict zones and situations of occupation is...

OP-ED: Do the lessons of 9/11 still apply in a post-COVID world?


– For some of us, it seems like it happened yesterday. For others, the 9/11 attacks are ancient history or just a meme about an event that doesn’t resonate with their concerns.

It’s been 19 years since the 9/11 attacks and, as many of us feared, the commemorations of this trauma are beginning to seem routine rather than a moment of shared mourning. With...

OP-ED: Laura’s narrow miss; Carnival curtailed


We all breathed a sigh of relief when short-lived Hurricane Marco skirted past us last week and when the most destructive storm to ever hit the Louisiana coast in recorded history, Hurricane Laura, took aim at Lake Charles and reached Shreveport with hitherto unheard of hurricane force winds and rain.

It was a frightful reminder that there but for the grace of God, goes New Orleans and,...

OP-ED: Why they scrawl ‘Free Palestine’ on synagogues


( – It could have been a lot worse. With dozens of buildings in Kenosha, WI., burned during the riots that followed the shooting of Jacob Blake, one of the town’s synagogues was tagged with graffiti.

Amid the outrage about what happened to an African-American man at the hands of police, what CNN labeled without irony a “fiery but mostly peaceful protest” devastated the small city....

OP-ED: Can the world wait for Biden to deal with Iran?


– In an election year, everything a president does is fair game for political potshots. So the sniping at the Trump administration’s policy towards Iran from Democrats is to be expected. But do they have a sensible alternative?

In one of the few moments devoted to foreign policy at this week’s Democratic National Convention, former Secretary of State John Kerry lambasted Trump’s foreign policy...

OP-ED: After UAE deal, will liberal Zionists stand on the right side of history


The forces of darkness in the Middle East are panicking. One of the most powerful Arab countries in the world has made peace with the dreaded Zionist enemy.

For these forces of darkness, anything that challenges the demonization of the Jewish state is a disaster. In order for these regimes to survive, Israel must remain the irredeemable sinner, the evil oppressor...

OP-ED: Can the Egyptians cool things down in southern Israel? Maybe, but not for long.


(JNS) – After a few rough days in the country’s south, there was some cautious optimism in Israel on Monday, based on two main factors: the arrival of an Egyptian security mission to the Palestinians and the relative drop in the number of incendiary balloons launched into Israel from the coastal enclave on Sunday.

The second factor should be taken with a grain of salt and monitored...

OP-ED: After Chalottesville: Suing to try to break the cycle of violence


NEW YORK (JTA) — Three years ago, the country watched in horror as neo-Nazis and white supremacists attacked Charlottesville, Virginia. Today, as far-right extremists continue to spread disinformation, hate and violence, it’s clear that “Unite the Right” was a harbinger of what would follow — and that we still have much to learn from that weekend.

My organization, Integrity First for America, is supporting a coalition of Charlottesville residents...

OP-ED: After Charlottesville, Trump violated George Washington’s promise to American Jews


(JTA) — Three years ago this week, Donald Trump broke a fundamental promise to the American Jewish community from our nation’s founders.  

Neo-Nazis and Klansmen marched on Charlottesville chanting “Blood and soil!” and “Jews will not replace us!” But instead of using the power of his office to marginalize this bigotry, President Trump egged on these white supremacists, equating them with those protesting their racism by insisting there...