OP-ED: Our call

This one hurts, maybe even worse than last year when the Minnesota Miracle, a last-ditch effort by a scrambling team, sent the Boys in Black and Gold back home from the playoffs to watch the Super Bowl rather than play in it. This year had all the markings of a...
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OP-ED: The media’s anti-Semitism problem


— Adolf Hitler was a genocidal dictator who unleashed the most destructive war in the history of humankind and perpetrated the Holocaust. He was also a lover of animals and art who, initially anyways, brought Germany’s economy out of the doldrums. Life is complicated.

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OP-ED: Israel and the argument about Trump’s wall


— It may be that supporters of U.S. President Donald Trump and those who back the Israeli government led by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu are now so closely aligned that the latter have no qualms about the Jewish state being dragged into one...
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OP-ED: NY Times trashes Israel again (so nu?)


Reading New York Times stories and op-eds about Jews and Israel reminds me of Ronald Reagan’s classic debate response to Jimmy Carter: “There you go again.” People often ask why the paper has such animus, and while many reasons have been proffered, none completely explain the obsession with criticizing...
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OP-ED: 5 Questions about Israel’s political musical chairs


(J — The old expression is that for every two Jews, there are three political opinions. In Israel, that cliché can be extended to also include four or five political parties. That’s never been truer than now as preparations for the Jewish state’s next Knesset elections...
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OP-ED: Hamas is too close for comfort


 — Ramallah has suddenly reverted to a terrorist agenda. Hamas has raised its flag in the capital of the Palestinian Authority.

There, in that city of spacious homes, which in recent years has attracted banks and business centers and international organizations and embassies, and where accelerated...
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Investment banker Joseph Konopny funeral held Dec. 23

JOSEPH KONOPNY, an investment banker died on Saturday, December 22, 2018. He was 73.

Konopny was a resident of New Orleans since the 1990s and regularly attended services at the Uptown Chabad House.

Born in a Displaced Persons camp in 1945 to Holocaust survivor parents, he emigrated to the U.S., living...
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OP-ED: Punishing a Saudi prince


(Consult a map of the Middle East. Locate the Strait of Hormuz, a narrow sea passage separating the Arabian Peninsula from Iran, and connecting the Gulf – whether you call it the Persian Gulf or the Arabian Gulf is a thorny question –...
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OP-ED: A distinct lack of Jewish outrage


  – American Jews have often been bashed for being too Israel-centric. But while there was a great deal to be said for arguments that the organized Jewish world needed to focus more on building up Jewish identity in America rather than live vicariously through Israel’s...
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OP-ED: It is time to abolish Israel’s Chief Rabbinate

By RUACH HIDDISH   JERUSALEM (JTA) — Israel’s Chief Rabbinate holds absolute power in key areas over the religious definition of what – and who – is Jewish. This monopoly — empowered, funded and perpetuated by the state — has given the haredi Orthodox-controlled body the license to exclude major...
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