OP-ED: The year of living dangerously

A year ago, the New Orleans area Jewish community was challenged to come to terms with anti-Semitic tropes spray-painted on the exterior walls of the Northshore Jewish Congregation by white supremacists.

Only a month later, though, the reality of how perilous our safety had become was made abundantly clear in...
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OP-ED: Alex Borstein’s ‘Step out of line’ speech at the Emmys was a perfect display of Jewish pride


SHORT HILLS, N.J. (JTA) — Whether you watched the Emmys on Sunday night or or not, chances are you’ve been privy since the broadcast to what was likely the Jewiest moment of the show: Alex Borstein’s acceptance speech for her award as best supporting actress in a...
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OP-ED: New Jersey makes strides to protect pro-Israel students on college campuses


 – How does one distinguish anti-Semitism from legitimate criticism of Israel? The answer is rather simple: One can criticize Israel and its government just as one would any other nation and its government. Far too often, however, Israel is relentlessly demonized on college campuses, which frequently...
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OP-ED: Iran saw Bolton’s firing as Trump’s weakness


President Trump famously brags that he doesn’t read very much.  Well, before President Trump recently fired National Security Advisor John Bolton, he should have at least watched the recently released “John Wick, Parabellum” aka John Wick 3.0.  The reason is that he would have learned what “Parabellum”...
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OP-ED: In the year of L’Chaim


September 11 marked 18 years since the dastardly attack on American soil by foreigners in which more than 3,000 of our citizens’ lives were snuffed out by cowards intent on dismantling our union. The towers that fell that day in Manhattan, the damage to the Pentagon Washington...
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OP-ED: Trump must draw a red line against Turkey in Syria to protect religious freedom


(J  – “Certainly, Christians don’t want to see Turkish troops entering Syria given the past brutal history of the 1915 massacres of Christians carried out by the Turks,” says Chaldean Catholic Father Samir Kanoon of Qamishli, Syria.

Northeast Syria is known to be a pluralistic safe haven for religious...
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OP-ED: How Valerie Harper’s Rhoda embodied a very Jewish type

(JTA) — Theater folk in England are debating a recent revival of the musical “Falsettos,” asking whether non-Jews should be playing its Jewish characters. In an open letter, critics of the religion-blind casting complain that non-Jewish actors can at best portray only a “secondary understanding” of Jewish mannerisms but have...
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OP-ED: After decades as an Orthodox man, I finally became the religious woman I was born to be


JERUSALEM (JTA) — As a spiritual activist, I feel a deep calling to build bridges between people and their inner selves.

My own story involves building and crossing many bridges. Gender identity dysphoria accompanied me at birth 68 years ago, severely impacting most of my life. I...
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OP-ED: On Friday, they buried Rina


If ever there was a week that illustrated the dramatic difference between the lives of Israeli Jews and American Jews, this was it.

Over the course of the past week, Palestinian Arab terrorists stabbed and wounded an Israeli in the Old City of Jerusalem, drove a car...
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OP-ED: Is Donald Trump hurting Israel?


  – Many of Donald Trump’s Jewish supporters are willing to overlook his flaws and failings, partly because they think he is “good for Israel.” Moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem, backing Israel unreservedly at the United Nations and recognizing the Golan Heights...
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