OP-ED: Love and hatred in the days of COVID-19

 –If you were to take a wider perspective on this current pandemic, you would immediately realize that the earth is like one giant petri dish facing a universal contagion, where we are all in this together. In this dish, both the best and the worst microbes are virulently reproducing.

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OP-ED: I’m an Orthodox sociologist. Social distancing will take a toll on the Orthodox community.


NEW ROCHELLE, N.Y. (JTA) — Recalling the culture of the Eastern European shtetl in their famous book of the same name, Mark Zborowski and Elizabeth Herzog wrote that for Jews, “Life is With People.”

This is certainly true in a world governed by Jewish values and tradition. At...
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OP-ED: The Great Indoors


When the first accounts began to reach me over Facebook and through more conventional news that colleges were sending their students packing, my initial reaction was to question the wisdom. How could shuttering school dorms and transitioning to online classes at Harvard and other top-tier colleges and...
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OP-ED: I didn’t know I had contracted the coronavirus. Now I’m alone in an Israeli hospital.


JERUSALEM (JTA) — In late February, I flew to Long Island to help my 77-year-old mom following her knee replacement surgery.

I arrived in the United States with the remnants of a mild winter cold, a slight cough and runny nose — nothing I was concerned about. I...
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OP-ED: I’m a veteran expert in stopping epidemics. Here’s why Jewish institutions should cancel everything.


CHICAGO (JTA) — I am an infectious disease epidemiologist who worked at the World Health Organization on epidemics in over 25 countries around the world. 

As a physician and member of the Jewish community, I prize the Jewish teaching that places the saving of a life above all...
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OP-ED: A year ago, I went public with my #MeToo moment. Purim reminds me of all we haven’t learned.


WASHINGTON (JTA) — As we approach the Purim holiday, we also approach the one-year anniversary of my own going public about being sexually harassed by mega-philanthropist Michael Steinhardt. Over the past year, as the Jewish community has reckoned with the #MeToo movement, I’ve reflected on the people and...
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OP-ED: CCJN is not Facebook or Twitter to ‘like’

Sometime in the period after the release of the so-called “smartphone,” a curious thing occurred in America. With an immediate access to the Internet, everyday rank and file members of society had an unfiltered and unfettered ability to make their “likes” known and to inform other members of the public.

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OP-ED: Purim, AIPAC, Bernie, Biden, Bibi


– It was one of those weeks where every day brought another great idea for a column. First, I attended an insightful lecture by Rabbi Meir Soloveichik at Beth Jacob Congregation that connected the festival of Purim with Abraham Lincoln and slavery.

Then it was...
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OP-ED: The Vatican opens its wartime archive


– One of the most persistent and controversial debates about the history of World War II concerns the role of the Catholic Church during the Holocaust, and specifically, the actions of Pope Pius XII. In the view of some historians, Pius manifestly failed to protect...
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OP-ED: I’m a veteran Middle East peace negotiator. Trump’s plan is the most dangerous I’ve ever seen.


WASHINGTON (JTA) — Fifteen years ago, I wrote a piece for The Washington Post titled “Israel’s Lawyer.” The conceit was pretty simple, though in some quarters it was seen as highly provocative: For too long, too many senior U.S. officials working on the Arab-Israeli peace process,...
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