OP-ED: The vilification of Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman by fellow Jews is particularly shameful


JERSEY CITY, N.J (JTA) — On Jan. 13, 1898, the French novelist Emile Zola published an open letter titled “J’Accuse!” in which he called out the anti-Semitism of the French government and France’s military establishment.

Zola demanded justice for Capt. Alfred Dreyfus, a Frenchman of Jewish descent...
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OP-ED: Are Jared and Ivanka taking the gloves off?


WASHINGTON (JTA) — Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, the New York socialites who were supposed to soften the blunt edges of the Trump administration, appear to be taking the gloves off.

After nearly two years of relative silence on the swirling controversies in the White House, President...
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OP-ED: By withdrawing from Syria, Trump has abdicated responsibility and abandoned allies


JERUSALEM (JTA) — President Donald Trump has been on a foreign policy roller-coaster this month that seems more jarring than usual. It began with him announcing a withdrawal from part of Syria on Oct. 6 and apparently will end with a speech on Oct. 27 about...
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OP-ED: An inauspicious anniversary


This weekend we remember 11 victims of violence and seething anti-Semitism on the one-year anniversary of the attack at Pittsburgh’s Tree of Life/ L’Or Simcha Synagogue. We remember them because they represented the very foundation of every thriving synagogue. These were the faithful attendees who literally rushed...
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OP-ED: The Kurds, Trump and forgotten Zionist history


Various media outlets criticized President Trump over one of his defenses of his decision to remove American troops who were assisting Kurdish fighters in Syria.

“They didn’t help us in the Second World War,” President Trump said regarding the Kurds. “They didn’t help us...
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OP-ED: A wickedly tragic collapse downtown


A sleepy Shabbat morning was shattered October 12 with a tumultuous roar as tons of concrete, rebar and reinforcing steel shattered to the earth and pancaked floors above, unleashing a cloud of rubble from the Hard Rock Hotel being constructed downtown.

After the dust had settled, police,...
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OP-ED: The Halle attack was a watershed moment for German Jews. Will the German government rise to the challenge?


MOSCOW (JTA) —The deadly attack against a synagogue in Halle by a far-right extremist on Yom Kippur could have ended not unlike the Pittsburgh massacre or the attack against a mosque in New Zealand, with dozens of worshippers killed by a lone wolf influenced by racist...
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OP-ED: Can we keep Trump out of Yom Kippur?


( – Whether U.S. President Donald Trump deserves to be impeached or not, with Yom Kippur just around the corner, the question on my mind is: How much should we allow politics to take over our holiest day of the year?

That thought first occurred to me...
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OP-ED: What working as a prosecutor has taught me about Yom Kippur

(Editor’s note: The author is an active prosecutor in a major U.S. city. Due to the nature of their work, they must write anonymously. )

(JTA) — The court officer calls out the calendar number and reads the docket into the record. The defendant, accompanied by his attorney, enter the...
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OP-ED: The year of living dangerously

A year ago, the New Orleans area Jewish community was challenged to come to terms with anti-Semitic tropes spray-painted on the exterior walls of the Northshore Jewish Congregation by white supremacists.

Only a month later, though, the reality of how perilous our safety had become was made abundantly clear in...
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