OP-ED: We have seen the future, and it looks Orthodox


(JTA) — The 2013 Pew survey “A Portrait of Jewish Americans” shows that Orthodox Judaism, while currently attracting the allegiance of only about 10 percent of all American Jews, is the fastest growing sector of the community. The high birthrate and retention rate confirmed by the survey...
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OP-ED: Why Trump’s UN speech thrilled Netanyahu — for the moment, anyway


WASHINGTON (JTA) — The number of times President Donald Trump mentioned Iran or its derivatives in his U.N. speech?

Twelve, and each time to emphasize its threat.

The number of times he mentioned the Palestinians or derivatives? That would be zero.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, paying...
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OP-ED: Conservative Judaism needs a new brand. Here’s why.


NEW YORK (JTA) — We are living at a moment of great disruption. We all sense it. We all experience it. It impacts every aspect of our lives — education, economics, politics, social society. Judaism is not immune to these forces.

Changes in demography; declines...
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OP-ED: Are the Democrats abandoning Israel?


Some recent polls have shown a growing polarization on the formerly bipartisan issue of support for Israel. A widely cited January 2017 Pew poll, for example, found that 74% of Republicans sympathize with Israel instead of the Palestinians, compared with 33% of Democrats; support for the Palestinians was...
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OP-ED: Returning the favor

When we first saw that Hurricane Harvey was going to make landfall in Texas as a Category 4 storm, most New Orleanians took a deep breath for we knew that whatever short term effects they would feel would give way to a recovery that would take some time to realize.

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OP-ED: Billy Joel wore a yellow Jewish star. Thanks, but the trend should stop there.


NEW YORK (JTA) — Few artifacts of the Holocaust move me like the yellow star. Homely and seemingly innocuous, they sit in museum cases either by themselves or still attached to a jacket or blouse, the stitching rough and the lettering surprisingly crude. They are almost comically,...
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OP-ED: Leave the symbols of Nazi persecution alone, Billy Joel


(JNS.org) — Billy Joel’s decision to sport a yellow star on the front and back of his jacket during a concert this week was a nod to history that the singer may not have been aware of.

The venue for the concert, New York City’s Madison...
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OP-ED: 11 former White House Jewish liaisons: Trump doesn’t understand anti-Semitism

(JTA) — As Jewish liaisons to four different presidents, we had the responsibility inside the White House to give voice to the perspectives and priorities of the American Jewish community. While our community may not be unified in matters of policy and politics, our spiritual practice, cultural traditions and history...
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OP-ED: Our president just asked us to be fair to white supremacists


NEW YORK (JTA) — There was a moment in his “neo-Nazi, neo-Shmazi” news conference where you might have found yourself thinking, maybe President Trump is right.

On the narrow question of who was responsible for the violence in Charlottesville, a prosecutor might note that punches were thrown...
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OP-ED: Make America grate again?


The hate coming out of Charlottesville is regrettable. But the levels of incitement and violence have proven to be far more concerning from the voices of the alt-right, fascists, neo-Nazis and KKK members than those which have come from the protestors on the left, who...
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