OP-ED: Remember who you stand for

By Jacob Price

(Editor’s note: This article was the winning entry in NFTY’s 2013 Wendy Blickstein Memorial D’var Torah competition.)

CINCINNATI (JTA) — What do you do when you get up in the morning? You probably have a morning ritual that you could do with your eyes closed. Take a...
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OP-ED: A man’s world ain’t nothin’ without a woman or a girl


The following is the winner of the Women of Reform Judaism Centennial Essay Competition.

CHARLESTON, S.C. (JTA) — I cried when I found out our new rabbi was going to be a woman. I was in ninth grade and did not like the thought of change. She...
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OP-ED: David Brooks discovers the Orthodox 1-percenters


NEW YORK (JTA) — Probably no more than the top 10 percent of Brooklyn’s Orthodox Jews will ever shop at Pomegranate, the luxury kosher supermarket recently featured by The New York Times columnist David Brooks in a column titled “The Orthodox Surge.”

Brooks chose the upscale kosher...
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Giants announce their departures

In recent weeks word has come down of the departure of two of the Jewish community’s great leaders. Deena Gerber, who has been the executive director of Jewish Family Service and its attendant organizations like Teen Life Counts, has indicated she is stepping down and Cathy Glaser, the regional director of...
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OP-ED: Judaism must embrace its doubters


NEW YORK (JTA) — As of 2012, one in 20 Americans is identifying themselves as an atheist, agnostic or unbeliever. According to the research done by the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life released last year, nearly 33 million Americans list themselves with no religious...
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OP-ED: Begin was right to fire Sharon over ’83 massacre


(JTA) — Israel’s State Archives last week released the previously classified minutes of a 1983 Cabinet meeting during which the government debated the Kahan Commission’s recommendation to fire Defense Minister Ariel Sharon on account of the Sabra and Shatila massacre.

The killings had taken place some months before,...
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OP-ED: Engage Russian Jews on their own terms


NEW YORK (JTA) — In 1993, one of the great scholars of Russian Jewry, Zvi Gitelman, noted that “since the 1880s, no group of Jews has migrated as often, in as great numbers, and with such important consequences as the Jews of Russia and the FSU. The...
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OP-EDS: Seth McFarlane Insensitive boob? Harmless joker?

(Editor’s Note:  Following the Academy Awards ceremony last Sunday, the pundits came out of the woods to rap or defend host Seth McFarlane as either anti-Semetic or misunderstood. Here are two authors – author Peter Drier and Rob Eshman, editor of the Jewish Journal – on both sides of the...
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OP-ED: Catching the wave at Tulane Hillel


NEW ORLEANS (JTA) — “Hillel’s not really my thing. That’s not me.” This is not what you want to hear as a first-year Hillel director acclimating to a new campus. Yet when I arrived at Tulane University four years ago, that’s the refrain I heard as I...
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OP-ED: Lessons today from Sophie Scholl’s anti-Nazi resistance


NEW YORK (JTA) — Though Sophie Scholl and the students of the White Rose resistance were executed by the Nazis 70 years ago this month, the example they set of courage in the face of authoritarian repression is as relevant today as it was seven decades ago.

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