OP-ED: Take that Henry Ford! New Ford COO is Jewish


WEST BLOOMFIELD, MI (JTA) — It’s no secret that Henry Ford was a notorious anti-Semite, and his company’s dealings with the Nazi Party during the Holocaust are well documented. But the company’s story has changed drastically in recent years. The Ford family’s donation of a rare 500-year-old...
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OP-ED: Where have all the student activists gone?


NEW YORK (JTA) — Twenty-five years ago, I joined hundreds of thousands of my fellow Americans — Jews and others — on the National Mall to draw attention to the plight of Soviet Jews. We were united by a simple belief that the Soviet Union, by denying...
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OP-ED: Jewish groups have made great strides in gay inclusion – but must do more

BOSTON (JTA) — At the 2009 General Assembly of the Jewish Federations of North America in Washington, 50 lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Jews and their allies gathered in a small room on the ninth floor of the conference hotel. The event was not part of the official GA program,...
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OP-ED: Back Egypt’s democratic forces with fervor


WASHINGTON (JTA) — The outrage and political ferment that arose in Egypt after President Morsi’s recent decision to centralize power in his own hands is, in fact, the true beginning of the Arab Spring that erupted in Tunisia and Egypt two years ago.  A newly empowered Egyptian...
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Pro-Israel rally cuts across community

The Jewish community of New Orleans has never been more galvanized nor more committed to the State of Israel than over the course of the past several weeks as tensions ignited into open conflict between the factions in Hamas and the Israeli government. Even though a shaky cease-fire had gone...
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OP-ED: The ‘four C’s’ in appraising the community’s approach to the disabled.


WASHINGTON (JTA) — Many years ago, when I bought an engagement ring for my wife, I learned about the four C’s in appraising and purchasing diamonds. Last week I learned about other precious jewels in our community and participated with more than 100 others from across...
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The threat to the Israel-Egypt peace treaty


Given the brazen nature of Hamas’s decision to provoke the latest round fighting in and around Gaza, it’s difficult for Israel’s critics to claim that it was not justified in seeking to halt a barrage that sent more than 150 missiles into the south of the...
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Levy distorts, Haaretz supports


The Haaretz newspaper. How absurd for Haaretz to be so named for the Land of Israel when it is quite unworthy of the title. Through the years, Haaretz has been known to produce “news” that has been called “unconscionable,” “unacceptable,” and “slanderous,” yet the editors fail to...
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Moving on

The 2012 election is over. The political rhetoric will continue for some time to come, but the debates, the recriminations and the accusations should be over for the present time. President Barack Obama has been re-elected and Governor Mitt Romney conceded the election with grace and style. The 44th President...
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Historic day is at hand; we must exercise our rights

The charge of any journalistic institution is to its readership. The charge of any politician is to his constituency. As an advocate for what is best for the Jewish community of New Orleans, the Crescent City Jewish News attempts to present both sides of a political issue as objectively, fairly...
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