OP-ED: For New Year renew the commitment to end global hunger


NEW YORK (JTA) — Last month I traveled to Ghana with 17 American rabbis. We spent 12 days constructing the walls of a school compound in partnership with a local Ghanian community ravaged by hunger, poverty and labor exploitation.

More important than our efforts to mix cement...
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OP-ED: How the contemporary left can reclaim its moral authority


JERUSALEM (JTA) — After the 1967 Six-Day War, much of the radical left in the West predicated its militant anti-Zionism on the illusory notion that the Palestinians represented a revolutionary and “progressive” vanguard that could one day mobilize the Arab masses in the cause of social revolution.

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OP-ED: Leadership means taking the reins – and sharing

WASHINGTON (JTA) — Philanthropist Charles Bronfman once told me, “Leaders lead. That’s what they do.” Years later I was sitting with his professional partner for philanthropic impact, Jeffrey Solomon. “Leaders lead,” Solomon said. “That’s what they do.”

Like an old married couple who finish each other’s sentences, these two are...
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OP-ED: Jews should vote with religion in mind


NEW YORK (JTA) — Most people dislike politics. “Voter apathy” has become part of our vernacular, and far too many people fail to exercise one of the most extraordinary privileges afforded to us by the Constitution — the right to vote. As Americans, voting is a...
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OP-ED: BDS campaign remains dangerous, despite failures


NEW YORK (JTA) — For more than a decade, anti-Israel activists have sought to shoehorn Israel into the nomenclature of apartheid-era South Africa through the use of a tactic named BDS (boycott, divestment, sanctions). Apartheid was a universally decried racist system. BDS activists argue that Israel is...
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OP-ED: Stop hateful white power music


NEW YORK  (JTA) — Much has been written and said of late about the underground white supremacist subculture in which Wisconsin shooter Wade Page immersed himself, and his own involvement with white power music. But one aspect of that subculture has not been given the attention it...
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The benefits of the Maccabi Games

Congratulations once again to the New Orleans Jewish Community Center and its decision to support the 30th anniversary Maccabi Games in Memphis. While it might have been easier and cheaper to have sent the Jewish athletes to Houston again, the decision to send them instead to Memphis might have been...
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OP-ED: Educate Israeli leaders on the nuances of Diaspora life


JERUSALEM (JTA) — As an immigrant to Israel, a woman and a member of the Knesset, I must juggle many sensitivities and responsibilities. I do this with great honor and try to be responsive to competing demands and ideals. Sometimes this means that I have to examine...
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OP-ED: Israel must learn from American’s unrelenting self-examination


JERUSALEM (JTA) — Among the many strengths of Israel is its strong democratic tradition. Maintaining this tradition, however, seems to be more of a challenge with every passing year.

Trends among some political parties inspired by nondemocratic instincts threaten Israel’s most essential...
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OP-ED: Don’t call Polish Jews ‘hidden’


WARSAW, Poland (JTA) – Among the events at celebrations in Lublin of the Siyum HaShas, or the completion of the Daf Yomi Talmud study cycle, was a session billed as a seminar for “hidden Jews” of Poland. About 30 Jews from Poland took part in the Lublin events...
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