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OP-ED: Steps Israel should take to control its destiny


TEL AVIV (JTA) — Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas told European diplomats that he will resume negotiations with Israel on a two-state solution after the United Nations votes in November on a Palestinian request for “non-member state” status. What’s most interesting about the widespread report this week is that Abbas made no mention of his longstanding demand for Israel to halt West Bank settlement construction, which Israel...

OP-ED: Solving hunger means sharing the wealth


NEW YORK (JTA) — To eat: a cup of black beans, a few ounces of pasta and a bit of tuna. To drink: water. This was my dinner menu one Friday night last November as my fellow dinner guests dined on standard Shabbat fare: homemade challah, two types of salad, chicken prepared three ways, three bottles of wine, four side dishes, cake and fruit for desert, tea. I...

OP-ED: Islamic leaders must call out hate-mongers


NEW YORK (JTA) — In 1935, a trial was held in Bern, Switzerland, in which two individuals were being prosecuted for distributing the notorious anti-Semitic document “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.” At the trial, witness after witness came forward testifying to the fraudulent nature of “The Protocols.”

Then one of the accused took the stand and was asked what he thought in light...

’60 Minutes’ of mendacity


Just to be sure I wasn’t asking more of CBS’s “60 Minutes” than is reasonable, I researched journalism ethics. I discovered that, while the media is not legally bound, the public assumes and expects it to be honor bound to enforce the rules and avoid irresponsible and destructive journalism. But with the production (of the segment) “Christians in...

Importance of joint Federation-JEF meeting

Tonight’s joint meeting of the Jewish Federation of Greater New Orleans and the Jewish Endowment of Louisiana at the Uptown JCC has implications far more outreaching than simple elections to various board posts and awards presented to deserving individuals. It will go far beyond the presentation of a state of the Federation message from the executive director.

What makes tonight’s meeting ever more important to the New Orleans Jewish community...

OP-ED: Putting the high back into the High Holidays


BOULDER, Colo. (JTA) — For many of us, let’s face it, the upcoming High Holidays will be anything but a high. Oh, we’ll pack every pew in the synagogues, dressed in our holiday best. We’ll be there for hours, rising when told to, sinking thankfully back into our seats, reading responsively.

Many enjoy the communal aspect of it, the tunes they remember from childhood....

What did we learn from Issac?

Last week we endured another challenge to our lives as members of a stubborn community that has for hundreds of years clung to an unusual bend in the Mississippi River. Certainly, there have been many other threats before to our way of life. In the early days of New Orleans fires, famine and yellow fever outbreaks thinned the ranks of our citizenry and made life difficult, to say the least. We...

OP-ED: Israel must punish rabbis who preach hatred


JERUSALEM (JTA) — Knesset Speaker Reuven Rivlin apologized to Jamal Julany, one of the victims of a racist attack in Zion Square, during his visit to the 17-year-old. “We are sorry,” said Rivlin, a Likud Party leader. He went on to say, “It is hard to see you hospitalized because of an inconceivable act” and “What happened is the responsibility of every leader and member of Knesset.”


OP-ED: On Labor Day and Jewish values


NEW YORK (JTA) — When Congress declared Labor Day a public holiday in 1894, workers had more to lament than to celebrate: an economic depression, a growing concentration of corporate wealth and power, and the brutal suppression of their unions. A momentous national railroad strike to protest deep wage cuts and the summary firing of workers who dared to voice their grievances was ruthlessly broken with the...

Bracing for Hurricane Issac

We’ve been here before. We know what to expect. In just a few hours the skies will darken further and the howl of the winds will echo in our ears, rattling our windows and doors. The rain will begin its terrible onslaught on our city and the sidewalks and streets will fill up with water.

When one lives in New Orleans, one learns to cope with tropical storms and hurricanes,...