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We memorialize our departed with Yizkor Services four times each year, at conspicuously irregular intervals. The most widely observed among these is Yom Kippur. Not two weeks following Yom Kippur, Yizkor is repeated on Shemini Atzeret. Six (in a leap year, seven) months later, we recite Yizkor on the last day of Passover. Six weeks after that is the year’s final Yizkor, on the second...

Jews in the former Soviet Union eat pounds of matzah per person — the most in the world — every year. Here’s why.


(JTA) — When it comes to consuming matzah, the Jews of the former Soviet Union are in a league of their own.

At the top of the chart are Azerbaijan’s 8,000 Jews, who this year are expected to consume 10 tons of the unleavened bread cracker that Jews eat on the week of Passover to commemorate their ancestors’ hurried flight out of Egypt.

That’s a provision of...

NEW! The Passover Seder


After autumn and football season was over

And spring was about to arrive

The thought of attending Sheryl’s seder

Was the big buzz on Airline Drive.


The Black and Gold were all now clamoring

For a possible invitation

To gather at the table of the biggest fans


Doug Emhoff hosts the White House’s first online Passover seder


(JTA) — There was virtual wine spilled and nostalgia for gefilte fish, as well as a serious message to consider the role of women in the bible.

Doug Emhoff, Vice President Kamala Harris’s Jewish husband, hosted the White House’s first-ever online Passover seder on Thursday, two nights before the holiday formally begins.

“We are gathered today for the first Passover celebration of the Biden Harris administration, and...

Boris Johnson wishes Jewish Britons a Happy Passover in Yiddish-flecked message


(JTA) — British Prime Minister Boris Johnson wished Jewish Britons a Happy Passover in a video message shared Friday on social media that noted with some Yiddish at least one advantage to the Zoom seder.

Johnson acknowledged that the holiday would be celebrated again in isolation for many with the COVID-19 pandemic ongoing, even as Britain outpaces much of the world in vaccinating its population.

“Sadly for...

A matzah NFT: Clubhouse and BuzzFeed’s Passover event will feature a digital afikomen


(JTA) — It was only a matter of time before the NFT craze collided with the Jewish world.

In case you’ve missed a large portion of pop culture news in recent months, NFT stands for “non-fungible token” — a singular piece of the impossible-to-hack blockchain code. Creators have been selling works of art, music and other things as NFTs for up to millions of dollars (sometimes tens...

A Brexit Passover food shortage is forcing the Jews of Ireland and Northern Ireland to work together


LONDON (JTA) — Since 2016, it has become a staple of British and Irish political analysis to say that the tangled Brexit trade arrangements will push Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland closer together. Ultimately, it could lead to a United Ireland, some analysts say.

This year, in the run-up to Passover, the two countries’ Jewish communities are showing one unusual sign of closer collaboration between...



In her collection of essays on the beauty and lessons of nature, “World of Wonders,” poet Aimee Nezhukumatathil reflects on the Monarch Butterfly. She notes that “there’s a spot over Lake Superior where migrating butterflies veer sharply.” A geologist explained this mystery, she writes, by concluding that, thousands of years ago, a mountain stood on that very spot. The consequent navigational necessities were somehow encoded:...

10 of the best Jewish tweets about the pre-Passover Suez Canal blockage

(JTA) — We know what you’re thinking.

The Suez Canal has been blocked for days by a giant container ship, causing big problems for the global shipping industry and starting a torrent of social media memes. But what’s Jewish about it? The answer is: nothing, on the surface. However, Passover is approaching, and the holiday’s biblical story remembers when the Jews left Egyptian slavery. Part of that liberation story involved...

650 pounds of matzah are being shipped to Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states

(JTA) — A newly formed Jewish group in the Persian Gulf is having 650 pounds of matzah imported to the region ahead of Passover.

The shipment is the latest step in the growth of Jewish communities in the region following Israeli normalization agreements with two of its countries. Israel signed the agreements with the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain last year, establishing diplomatic relations with both countries.

The matzah is...