Person in the Parsha: Pesach



There was a time when I would only go out of my way to listen to speakers who were older and more experienced than I. Recently, however, I have changed my preferences and have begun to seek out speakers, rabbis...
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Reports from Temple Sinai’s Young Professionals Seder

Under the direction of Rabbi Mathew Reimer, Temple Sinai hosted a Young Professionals Seder last Friday evening, March 30, at the family home of local congregants, Tracey and Mike Dodd. 

Aside from the opportunity to share the breaking of matzahs and to take part in the Haggadah prayers, many of...
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Off the Pulpit: Passover In A Land Of Jewish Ghosts

BARCELONA — This Passover I am in Spain, land of Jewish ghosts. Spain was once a place where Jewish piety and poetry flourished. Now it is full of neglected sites and abandoned synagogues. Fewer than 50,000 Jews remain.

Although Spain’s history is particular, its outlines are sadly familiar. To travel...
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Kosher supermarkets hate cleaning for Passover as much as you do


NEW YORK (JTA) — Pomegranate, a gourmet kosher supermarket in Brooklyn, spends $75,000 every year getting its kitchen ready for Passover.

Hungarian Kosher Foods, a supermarket in Chicago, starts clearing its aisles for Passover eight weeks ahead of the holiday.

The week before Passover, at Zabar’s, a...
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5 Haggadahs and other Passover supplements to modernize your seder this year


NEW YORK (JTA) — Although Jews have celebrated Passover by reading from the Haggadah in one form or another for 2,000 years, Jewish organizations and publishers strive each year to connect the holiday to modern times with fresh Haggadahs as well as supplements.

If you’re looking to give your...
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No-Bake Strawberry Coconut Pie for Passover


(The Nosher via JTA) — I first tried raw vegan coconut cream pie years ago at Café Gratitude, one of the popular plant-based restaurants in Los Angeles. Café Gratitude is a quintessential healthy L.A. eatery. The menu features dishes with titles like “I am bountiful” and “I...
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Person in the Parsha: Shabbat HaGadol


“Shabbat HaGadol as Independence Day”

I remember well when the age at which one could vote or drink was 21. From my perspective when I was a child, and frankly eager to do these things, it seemed to be an...
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ADL’s anti-Semitism statistics called into question


( — The Anti-Defamation League’s (ADL) decision to count an Israeli teenager’s alleged recent bomb hoaxes as “anti-Semitic incidents” is prompting criticism from some Jewish community officials.

The ADL reported April 24 that anti-Semitic incidents in the U.S. “jumped 86 percent” in the first quarter of 2017....
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President Trump, Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump are White House seder no-shows

(JTA) — President Donald Trump and the Jewish members of his family did not attend a Passover seder held at the White House.

The seder, held Monday on the first night of Passover in the Indian Treaty Room of the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, continued a custom begun by President Barack...
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3 popular humorists write a Haggadah for the ‘when do we eat?’ crowd


(JTA) — Of making many Passover Haggadahs there is no end.

If the Maxwell House version doesn’t cut it for you, there are Haggadahs for vegans, for children, for chocolate lovers and even for Christians. There’s the “Santa Cruz Haggadah” for hippies and the “New American Haggadah” for hipsters. There are annotated Haggadahs...
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