OP-ED: A year ago, I went public with my #MeToo moment. Purim reminds me of all we haven’t learned.


WASHINGTON (JTA) — As we approach the Purim holiday, we also approach the one-year anniversary of my own going public about being sexually harassed by mega-philanthropist Michael Steinhardt. Over the past year, as the Jewish community has reckoned with the #MeToo movement, I’ve reflected on the people and...
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JCC to host Adloyodah on Sunday

Get ready for hamantaschen of the ninth order as the New Orleans Jewish Community Center, 5342 St. Charles Avenue, hosts its annual Adloyodah Purim Festival on Sunday, March 8, from 11:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

In addition to delicious holiday treats, there will be lots of games, music and activities...
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Purim is a holiday for partying. This year, coronavirus makes things different.

(JTA) — Every Purim, Richard Roberts sponsors a party for more than 2,000 people in the heavily Orthodox New Jersey city of Lakewood, where he gives out, by his estimation, some $200,000 in charity.

This year, because of the coronavirus, the party is cancelled. Roberts, a philanthropist and former pharmaceutical...
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Person in the Parsha: Tetzaveh



Nowadays, all leaders look the same. Their typical garb is a dark business suit, a white or pale blue shirt, and a tie with a dash of color. They dress no differently from any other successful entrepreneur or professional. They...
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Purim Poem: A Shushan Tale

A long time ago in Shushan

There lived a Persian king.

“We love you, King Ahasuerus!”

His people would shout and sing.


To rule over his great land

The king took to him a bride.

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Dulce de leche hamantaschen: Rethinking a famed South American cookie for Purim


Bringing new life to hamantaschen was a challenge. People are dead set on their favorite flavors like classic poppy seed and apricot. Of course, newer directions such as Nutella and rainbow funfetti are a big hit with the kids, but reinventing the grown-up hamantaschen into a decadent...
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Shir Chadash to host ‘Purim Pandemonium’ on March 9-10

Shir Chadash Conservative Congregation will play host to a number of open events for Purim as it offers “Purim Pandemonium” on the grounds of their sanctuary on Monday and Tuesday, March 9 and 10.

Partnering with nearby Orthodox Congregation Beth Israel and the Jewish Community Day School, Shir Chadash, located...
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Jared Kushner reads Megillah at the White House

WASHINGTON (JTA) — Jared Kushner read part of the Megillah at a Purim celebration at the White House.

A White House official said President Donald Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser joined about 40 people for the reading Thursday in the White House.

Also present were Ivanka Trump, Kushner’s wife and...
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The Romans tried to ban wild Purim parties in 408 CE – for a very good reason


(JTA) – Every year before Purim, my inbox and social media fill up with dire exhortations from rabbis and yeshivas warning against the dangers of celebratory excess – as if drunkenness on the holiday were something new.

In reality, the after-Purim regrets have been part of the...
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Empowered feminism is the real hero of the Purim story


(JTA) — Purim is often filled with boisterous celebrations, drinking and an embrace of the otherwise taboo.

Yet the Book of Esther recounts a traditional story that confines to the most damaging stereotypes about women, especially in its portrayal of queens Esther and Vashti. In the traditional...
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