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‘Rise Up’ by Elana Jagoda with Saul Kaye – Jewish Rock Radio Song of the Week

It’s time for the Season of Light! With Chanukah just a couple weeks away, I thought I’d share a song about bringing light into the world. “Rise Up” by the amazing Elana Jagoda (and sung here with her super-talented husband, Saul Kaye) is a musical interpretation of a reading that appears in the Reform prayer […]

‘Kol Haolam Kulo’ by Michelle Citrin – JKids Radio Song of the Week

There’s a famous Rebbe Nachman quote: “The whole world is a very narrow bridge, and the most important thing is not to be afraid.” Many contemporary Jewish artists have found this quote really resonates, and there have been a TON of beautiful melodies set to these words. Michelle Citrin’s take is a LOT of fun […]

‘Tov L’hodot’ by Todd Herzog – Jewish Rock Radio Song of the Week

It’s good to give thanks! That’s what Psalm 92, which we most often sing on Shabbat, tells us. My friend Todd Herzog has a beautiful song interpreting this idea in a modern context, with a message that stresses how important it is to pause and take a moment from the busy grind of our lives […]

‘Ashrei’ by Abbie Strauss – JKids Radio Song of the Week

Thanksgiving is a time of year when many folks ‘come home,’ whether you define that as a place or the people you’re with. The prayer “Ashrei” begins with the words “happy are those who dwell in Your house,” and while the ‘house’ meant in this instance is our spinning blue planet, the sentiment of finding […]

‘Angels’ by Sue Horowitz – Jewish Rock Radio Song of the Week

It’s the season of gratitude, and the first thing that comes to mind when I think of what I’m grateful for each year is — people! My sweet family, friends (chosen family!) and all the other “angels” in my life. Sue Horowitz is a terrific folk singer/songwriter in the Jewish and secular music worlds, and […]

‘Challah-lalala’ by Mister G – JKids Radio Song of the Week

We’re in the Hebrew month of Cheshvan, which means no Jewish holidays! Well, with one BIG exception… Shabbat! I thought Cheshvan would be the perfect time to give a little love to the holiday of all holidays! This week’s song comes from my buddy Ben Gundersheimer, aka Latin-GRAMMY winner Mister G, whose song “Challah-lalala” is […]

‘Sim Shalom’ by Noah Diamondstein – Jewish Rock Radio Song of the Week

With all the busyness of fall holidays and big fall transitions like school behind us, we could all use a little peace (and quiet)! I thought I’d share a BRAND NEW song of peace with y’all this week from Noah Diamondstein, a super-talented rabbi and singer-songwriter out in the Washington D.C. area. Noah just finished […]

‘Creation Song’ by Josh & The Jamtones – JKids Radio Song of the Week

We’ve just started reading Torah over again from the very beginning, and so it’s THE time to share an awesome song about the creation of the world! This one comes from my friend Josh Shriber of Josh & The Jamtones, who makes top-notch punk, rock, and ska music for kids. In addition to secular music, […]

‘Ushmor’ performed by Zac Gondelman, written by Noah Aronson – Jewish Rock Radio Song of the Week

When I think of Sukkot, I think of cozy fall evenings gathered in the Sukkah with great food and even better company! While the words of “Hashkiveinu” are part of our everyday evening prayers, the mention of “sukkat sh’lomecha” — a “shelter of your peace” especially resonate this time of year, when we appreciate the […]

‘Al Cheit’ by Joanie Leeds – JKids Radio Song of the Week

As parents of kids of any age, talking about the themes of Yom Kippur can be difficult — like explaining what a “cheit” or “sin” means. Having a song that makes the explaining easier is what’s SO magical about Jewish music — songs are more than just songs, they’re learning tools! My friend (and GRAMMY […]