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Shavuot – the ignored holiday

By TED ROBERTS, The Scribbler on the Roof

There’s an old Midrash that I just made up that talks about the holidays. They had a party – the holidays that is – and paraded through the synagogue. There was music and much rejoicing.

Yom Kippur was acclaimed the King of...
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Shavuot: A holiday for seven-year-olds too

By TED ROBERTS, the Scribbler on the Roof

My seven year old granddaughter usually visits around Shavuot. She loves to visit her doting grandfather. Naturally. What’s not to like? We eat ice cream. Fudge ripple’s her favorite – our ONLY incompatibility. (Why do kids like their ice cream full of...
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NOWFE trips into town next month

By TED ROBERTS, The Scibbler on the Roof

Guess what happens on May 22 through May 25? No, it’s not my wife’s birthday.  It’s an event that food lovers and oenophiles (that’s a big word meaning wine lovers – I looked it up) circle on their calendars.

It is the...
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