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The Tell by Ron Kampeas

The Jewish Players in Impeachment


WASHINGTON (JTA) — The first public hearings in the Trump impeachment inquiry began this week with quite a splash.

A bunch of Jewish actors are at play in this drama, and we’ve covered some before:

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, who is caught in the middle of it all.

Rep. Adam Schiff, D-CA., the Californian Democrat who is running the hearings.

And Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman, the associates...

What we learned from Tuesday’s elections


WASHINGTON (JTA) — Tuesday’s off-year elections brought some surprising news.

Here are four key takeaways:

Turning Blue Blues

It wasn’t a good night for the GOP.

Virginia’s legislature flipped to Democratic. It looks like Kentucky elected a Democrat governor, Andy Beshear pushing out the Trumpian incumbent, Matt Bevin. In local races in Pennsylvania, Republicans were ousted. Even the gubernatorial race in ruby-red Mississippi was tighter than expected, although the Republican, Tate Reeves,...

What presidential wannabes said at J Street


Taking a turn on J Street J Street convened its eighth annual conference this week, its 11th year of existence. The gathering attracted 4,000 activists and marked a major turning point in how Democrats treat Israel: Withholding aid to pressure the Jewish state to comply with policy is now an idea that is very much on the table.

More accurately, the liberal Jewish Middle East policy group...

Why what Elizabeth Warren said this week on Israel matters


Leveraging Israel Left-wing Jewish activists have been ambushing Democratic presidential candidates at campaign events for months, asking them to outright condemn Israel’s occupation of the West Bank. One of their tactics is to ask the candidates whether they would consider withholding aid from Israel to get it to change its policies.

This past week they got results, kind of.

While Bernie Sanders has endorsed the idea for...

Stuck outside of Columbus with the Pittsburgh blues again


COLUMBUS (JTA) — The Democrats are holding their debates in states that voted red in 2016, but which they hope to take from the Republicans next year.

It was Florida in June, Michigan in July, Texas (yes, Texas) in September and this month in Ohio, in suburban Columbus. Next month the candidates move on to Atlanta — Georgia is very much on the Democrats’ can-do list.


2 senators reach across the aisle to tackle the Syria nightmare


WASHINGTON (JTA) — Michael Oren writes of being in a reverie on Sept. 30, 2013, his last day as Israel’s ambassador to Washington, when he heard President Barack Obama tell his boss, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu: “If war comes, we’re with you, because that’s what the American people want.”

The remark left Oren wanting something more.

“I found myself wishing that the president would say, just once,...

As more Democrats call to impeach, Trump cries ‘treason’


WASHINGTON (JTA) — President Donald Trump thinks Adam Schiff should be tried for treason.

Why is difficult to discern. Jeff Mason of Reuters tried to extract an explanation during a White House news conference Wednesday with Trump and the president of Finland.

“Do you consider anyone who opposes you treasonous?” Mason asked in an exchange that has since gone viral.

“No. No. I consider when they lie;...

As the Ukraine scandal brewed, Trump had some pretty strong things to say at the UN


WASHINGTON (JTA) — The news that gobbled up our attention this week was obviously impeachment, For anybody that possibly missed it, an intelligence community whistleblower accused President Donald Trump of extorting help from Ukraine to smear his political rival, former Vice President Joe Biden.

Are there Jewish angles? Why yes.

Nancy Pelosi, D-CA., the speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, launched an impeachment inquiry, something she...