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Today in Israeli History

Actress Gila Almagor Is Born

July 22, 1939 Gila Almagor, known as the “queen of the Israeli cinema and theater,” is born as Gila Alexandrowitz in Haifa four months after an Arab sniper killed her father, a policeman who immigrated from Germany. Her mother, Chaya, is institutionalized in 1954 after struggling to handle the realization that the Nazis killed all […]

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Mossad Kills Wrong Man in Norway

July 21, 1973 A Mossad team targeting the terrorists behind the Munich Olympics massacre fatally shoots Moroccan waiter Ahmed Bouchiki while he walks home from a movie with his wife in Lillehammer, Norway. The mistaken assassination becomes known as the Lillehammer Affair. Incorrect intelligence led Israel to believe that Bouchiki was Ali Hassan Salameh, a […]

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Jordan’s King Abdullah Assassinated

July 20, 1951 Abdullah I, the founding king of Jordan, is assassinated by a Palestinian nationalist at the Al Aqsa Mosque entrance in Jerusalem. The king’s bodyguards immediately shoot the assassin dead. Abdullah’s grandson, Hussein, succeeds him. Born in Mecca in 1882 to the Hashemites, who claim direct descent from the prophet Muhammad, Abdullah was […]

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Top Officer Stella Levy Dies

July 19, 1999 Stella Levy, who commanded the Women’s Corps of the Israel Defense Forces in the 1960s and briefly served in the Knesset, dies. She was born in French Mandatory Syria in 1924 and made aliyah to Haifa in 1929. She was active in the Haganah during high school, and she enlisted in the […]

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Songwriter Meir Ariel Dies

July 18, 1999 Singer-songwriter Meir Ariel, 57, known as the “Man of Words” for his poetic Hebrew lyrics, dies of Mediterranean spotted fever transmitted by a tick. He is buried at Kibbutz Mishmarot, where he grew up. He wrote hundreds of recorded songs, many of which became modern Israel classics when performed by the likes […]

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Kibbutz Pioneer Yitzchak Ben-Aharon Is Born

July 17, 1906 Yitzchak Ben-Aharon, a pioneer of the kibbutz movement, is born Yitzhak Nussboim in Bukovina, Romania, in the Austro-Hungarian Empire. He joins several Zionist organizations as a teenager, then walks and rides a donkey to travel to Palestine in 1928. He helps found Kibbutz Givat Haim between Haifa and Tel Aviv and lives […]

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Violinist Pinchas Zukerman Is Born

July 16, 1948 Classical musician and conductor Pinchas Zukerman is born in Tel Aviv. At 4, he begins playing the recorder, then the clarinet, and by 8 he is playing the violin and studying at the Tel Aviv Academy of Music. American violinist Isaac Stern sponsors Zukerman to study at the Juilliard School in New […]

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Rabin Warns Against Jordan Diversion

July 15, 1965 In a speech to a graduating class of Israel Defense Forces officers, IDF Chief of Staff Yitzhak Rabin addresses ongoing Arab efforts to divert the sources of the Jordan River. Syria hasn’t given up on its diversion plans despite two successful Israeli strikes on its project, Rabin says, and “a second country” […]

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Coup Ousts Iraqi King

July 14, 1958 Iraqi army officers stage a coup and overthrow and kill King Faisal. Also killed is Iraq’s crown prince, whose body is left hanging outside the Defense Ministry. Iraqis celebrate, but Western powers worry about oil interests and possible instability in the region, including Lebanon and Jordan. King Hussein of Jordan, Faisal’s cousin, […]

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Ehud Manor Is Born

July 13, 1941 Singer, songwriter and media personality Ehud Manor is born to Russian immigrant parents in Binyamina. A graduate of the University of Cambridge, Manor composes about 1,200 songs and translates 600 others into Hebrew. He also translates many Broadway musicals, including “Hair,” “Les Miserables” and “Chicago,” and such Shakespearean plays as “Romeo and […]

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