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Today in Israeli History

Filmmaker Ya’acov Ben-Dov Born

June 21, 1882 Israeli filmmaker and photographer Ya’acov Ben-Dov is born in Yekatermoslav, Ukraine. He joins the movement for the revival of the Hebrew language in his teens, and he studies photography at the Kiev Academy of the Arts before moving to the Land of Israel in 1907 as part of the Second Aliyah. He […]

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First festival of Jewish music opens in Jerusalem

June 20, 1950 Israel’s first Festival of Jewish Music lasts from June 20-July 1, 1950. It is arranged by the Music Department of the Israeli government’s Ministry of Education and Culture, and the Government’s Tourist Department. The festival features a survey of contemporary Israeli music, as well as works by Jewish composers abroad. Performances take […]

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Politician Simha Erlich Dies

June 19, 1983 Simha Erlich, the deputy prime minister in Israel’s first two Likud-led governments, dies. Born in 1915 in what is now southeastern Poland, where he was involved in a Zionist youth group, Erlich moved to Palestine in 1939 on the eve of World War II. After working as a farmer, he studied optics […]

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Painter Mordecai Ardon Dies

June 18, 1992 Mordecai Ardon, one of Israel’s best-known painters, dies at age 95 in Jerusalem. Born Max Bronstein in Galicia in 1896, he ran away from his religiously observant family at 13 and wandered Europe before studying acting in Berlin after World War I. When he switched to art and applied to the Bauhaus […]

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Haredim Jailed in School Discrimination Case

June 17, 2010 Thirty-five Haredi fathers of girls attending the Beis Yaakov Chasidi School in Emanuel refuse a Supreme Court order to send their daughters to the regular Beis Yaakov School and instead accept two-week jail sentences for contempt of court. Their case is a major cause among Israel’s Haredim and produces claims of judicial […]

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Haim Arlosoroff Killed

June 16, 1933 Haim Arlosoroff, the head of the Jewish Agency’s political department, is fatally shot while walking on a Tel Aviv beach at night with his wife, Sima, who has noticed and expressed concerns about two men who seem to be following them. One of the men eventually shines a light in Arlosoroff’s face […]

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Refuseniks Arrested Before Flight

June 15, 1970 A dozen Soviet dissidents are arrested at Leningrad’s Smolnoye Airport just before boarding a 12-seat Antonov AN-2 aircraft for an attempt to fly to freedom. Also arrested are four conspirators in the small border town of Priozersk, where the plane is supposed to stop and pick them up before traveling on to […]

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TWA Flight 847 Hijacked

June 14, 1985 Two Lebanese Shiite terrorists armed with grenades and handguns hijack TWA Flight 847, a 727 traveling from Cairo to San Diego with scheduled stops in Athens, Rome, Boston and Los Angeles, shortly after its departure from Athens for Rome. The hijackers force the plane to fly to Beirut. The hijackers release 19 […]

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Diplomat and Judge Elyakim Rubinstein Born

June 13, 1947 Elyakim Rubinstein, whose law career leads him to diplomacy and the Israeli Supreme Court, is born in Tel Aviv. After his military service, he earns bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and becomes a lawyer. Working as a legal adviser to the Defense and Foreign ministries in the […]

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3 Teens Abducted, Killed

June 12, 2014 Three Israelis ages 16 to 19 are abducted while hitchhiking near the Alon Shvut settlement in the West Bank. The young men realize they are in trouble after they accept a ride from two men, and one of the teens calls the police and whispers that he has been kidnapped. The two […]

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