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Today in Israeli History

U.N. Official, 4 Israelis Killed on Mount Scopus

May 26, 1958 Four Israeli police officers and the chairman of the United Nations’ Israel-Jordan Mixed Armistice Commission are fatally shot by Jordanian fire in the demilitarized zone on Mount Scopus in Jerusalem. Both Israel and Jordan report that the other side fires first in the latest of a series clashes, although previous incidents were […]

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Operation Solomon Rescues Ethiopian Jews

May 25, 1991 Operation Solomon flies more than 14,000 Ethipoian Jews to Israel in 36 hours using 34 airplanes, including a Boeing 747 that sets a record with 1,087 passengers. The operation brings almost twice as many Ethiopians to Israel as arrived through Operations Moses and Joshua in 1984 and 1985. The situation for Ethiopia’s […]

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Artist Marcel Janco Is Born

May 24, 1895 Marcel Janco, a founder of the Dada movement and a major influence on modern Israeli art, is born into a wealthy family outside the Jewish quarter of Bucharest, Romania. Trained at the Gheorghe Sincai School of Art and influenced by Cezanne, Cubism and Futurism, Janco starts his art career in 1912 as […]

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Hanin Zoabi Is Born

May 23, 1969 Pioneering Knesset member Hanin Zoabi is born into a Muslim family in Nazareth. Zoabi earns a bachelor’s in philosophy and psychology from the University of Haifa and a master’s from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She is the first Arab citizen of Israel to graduate with a degree in media studies and […]

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12 Killed in School Bus Ambush

May 22, 1970 Palestinian terrorists ambush an Egged school bus on the road from Moshav Avivim, near the Lebanese border, to Dovev and kill eight children and four adults. The ambush takes place at a bend in the road where the bus, carrying children to two schools, must slow down about 500 yards from Lebanon. […]

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Spy Shulamit Cohen-Kishik Dies

May 21, 2017 Former Mossad agent Shulamit “Shula” Cohen-Kishik dies at age 100 at the Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem. She was born in Buenos Aires and raised between the Argentinian capital and Jerusalem. At 16, she wed an older Lebanese Jew, businessman Joseph Kishik, in a marriage arranged by her parents and moved to […]

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Bernadotte Named Peace Mediator

May 20, 1948 Count Folke Bernadotte is appointed by the U.N. Security Council as the mediator for Middle East peace efforts five days into the Israeli War of Independence. Bernadotte was born in Sweden in 1895 and studied at military school until he became a cavalry officer. As the vice chairman of the Swedish Red […]

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U.S. Agrees to Sell Bombers to Israel

May 19, 1966 The Johnson administration announces that it will sell A-4 Skyhawk light bombers to Israel, marking the first sale of U.S. warplanes to Israel and a shift from France to the United States as Israel’s primary arms supplier. The A-4 deal follows the U.S. announcement in February of the sale of 200 Patton […]

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Spy Eli Cohen Executed

May 18, 1965 Eli Cohen is hanged in Marjeh Square in Damascus after being convicted of spying for Israel and being sentenced to death March 31, 1965. Cohen was born in Alexandria, Egypt, in 1924 to parents who were natives of Syria. Although his parents and brothers left for Israel in 1949, he remained in […]

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Soviet Union Recognizes Israel

May 17, 1948 The Soviet Union officially recognizes the state of Israel, three days after Israel declared independence and the United States immediately offered de facto recognition of the new state’s provisional government. The Soviet Union supports the state of Israel as part of its Cold War rivalry with the Western powers, especially the United […]

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