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Today in Israeli History

General and Politician Benny Gantz Born

June 9, 1959 Benjamin “Benny” Gantz, who rises to chief of staff of the Israel Defense Forces and a top candidate for prime minister, is born in Kfar Ahim. His father is a native of Romania who was detained by the British when immigrating to Palestine, and his mother is a Hungarian Holocaust survivor. The […]

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Educator and Politician Chaim Boger Dies

June 8, 1963 Chaim Boger, a founder of the first Hebrew high school in the Yishuv, the area of Jewish settlement in pre-state Palestine, dies at age 86. Boger, born with the last name Bograshov in Crimea in 1876, earned a doctorate from the University of Bern and taught at Hebrew schools in Russia. He […]

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Iraq’s Nuclear Reactor Destroyed

June 7, 1981 Eight Israeli F-16s fly a 2,000-mile round trip to bomb Iraq’s Osirak plutonium nuclear reactor at the Tammuz I complex 10 miles south of Baghdad. The mission, Operation Opera, succeeds at destroying the nearly completed, French-built reactor, which Israel fears would have been used to develop nuclear weapons. Ten Iraqi soldiers and […]

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Merger Forms Tel Aviv University

June 6, 1956 The Tel Aviv School of Law and Economics merges with the Municipal Institute of Natural Sciences and Humanities to form Tel Aviv University, which soon also incorporates the Academic Institute of Jewish Studies. The schools together have fewer than 200 students. They remain economically independent but unite in terms of examinations, applications […]

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