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CCJN, Bayou Buzz team up for live chat with Arnie Fielkow

The Crescent City Jewish News and its strategic partner Bayou Buzz, a website dealing with local and national politics, is holding a joint Facebook Live/Twitter chat on Thursday, February 22  at 3:00 p.m. with Arnie Fielkow, CEO of the Jewish Federation of Greater New Orleans.

Join and the CCJN for a live chat with Arnie Fielkow on Thursday, February 22 at 3:00 pm.

BayouBuzz, run by attorney Stephen Sabludowsky, has been holding a number of live chats with new hardware and software that allows for a number of video guests to be interviewed in real time. Video cameras show the faces of the host and interview subjects and will permit live phone calls to ask questions to any of the participants.

“We are combining audio/video streaming into Facebook Live, Twitter and YouTube simultaneously,” Sabludowsky explained. “I believe I am one of the very first persons in the world to figure out how to combine technologies to do this. Multiple people can talk with one another from various locations, send the show live to five different pages or timelines, so their followers can watch.”

Sabludowsky, an Internet attorney, has been hosting online videos for 13 years, according to his reckoning. He has also been video streaming through Google Hangouts and other sites for the last seven years.

Jewish Federation of Greater New Orleans CEO Arnie Fielkow. (Photo by Alan Smason)

He compares this new technology to something like the early days of radio and TV, as his goal is to create video channels of special content and materials. “This is the way radio started and TV started,” he continued. “It’s combined content and technology.”

Sabludowsky plans to launch a daily “call in show” using Facebook and Twitter for chat room users to discuss the upcoming session of the Louisiana Legislature session.  “Our panelists and guests can participate by video or phone, while people watching on social media can call in and ask questions live,” he noted.

Sabludowsky wanted to get a bit more Jewish insight than he could provide and asked CCJN editor Alan Smason to assist him in the live chat with Fielkow. “I was very pleased to see Arnie return to New Orleans,” Sabludowsky admitted. “I enjoy doing shows with people I like who have a really interesting story to tell or helpful information to provide.” 

Sabludowsky hopes to get the Federation CEO to open up about his plans for the future and to educate the public about the work he and Federation are hoping to achieve in the region. “I hope to connect him to many of his admirers and followers here and elsewhere,” he said.

The invitation for Smason to appear with Fielkow is an attempt to shore up the Jewish content in the BayouBuzz chat, especially given Smason’s connection and active status with the local, regional and national Jewish community.  “I am glad you are participating,” he told Smason. “Your audience, I would think, would be very interested in what Arnie and you have to say.”

Call-in numbers will be provided on the CCJN and BayouBuzz sites the day before the call-in.


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