CCJN makes exception to its policy

The Crescent City Jewish News made an exception to its policy of not updating its website on Saturday, the holy day of Shabbat, in issuing news updates throughout the day as the incidents at the Tree of Life Synagogue were released by law enforcement and public officials.

“It is such a sad day in the history of the American Jewish community,” said Alan Smason, the CCJN editor. “It is the single worst hate crime perpetrated against Jews in U.S. history. Unlike Europe, which has a sordid history of acts of violence against Jews, American Jewry was largely spared acts of terror or mass shootings specifically aimed at them. We at the CCJN felt it was necessary to publish the news as we received it not as a violation against the Sabbath, but in order to inform those members of the less observant community who deserved to know what was happening.”

Smason added that it has been the express desire of the CCJN not to update the website or publish news items over holidays and Shabbat out of respect for those who wished to support the observant community. “We regard this practice as sacrosanct,” he said, “and we regret having to violate it. However, we feel that the event with its high loss of life required an exception being made.”

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