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Chanukah Yacht

Eight candles on a Chanukiah

Were lit upon a yacht

To remember all the Maccabees

In a most idyllic spot.


The boat was owned by Mister G

A man with untold riches,

Who was pleased to say his blessings

There above the many fishes.


He asked his wife and kids to come

And sail away with him

But they found themselves too busy

To depart on this – “a whim.”


Undaunted, he said “Bon Voyage”

And despite his being alone

He charted a new sailing trip

To a Caribbean zone.


The yacht sailed into the Virgin Isles

To Tortuga and St. Barts

Until he found a lovely shore

On a bay called Desenartes.


He thought about the Maccabees

And how they fought their foes

To overcome oppression there

And rise above their woes.


Despite his wealth, Mr. G

Knew that freedom was worth more

Than all the numbers of grains of sand

Laid out upon that shore.


The miracle of the Chunkah lamp

That lasted for eight days

Is found within the burning wicks

That brightly shine and blaze.


The hope that we can pray as Jews

Unfettered is our goal.

Chanukah celebrates our faith

It makes clear our Jewish soul.


Singing “Rock of Ages,”

He set sail back to his home.

He promised all his family

That he’d never again roam.


“Chanukah,” said Mr. G.

Must be observed with kin.

I’ve learned this priceless lesson,”

He said now with a grin.


So thanks to my little Chanukah yacht

I’m back with those I love

To recall the joys of this holiday

And to praise Hashem above.


©2004 Alan Smason

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